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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Indoor Activities to do in Dubai – Fun can be had indoors too!
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Indoor Activities to do in Dubai – Fun can be had indoors too!

As the temperatures in Dubai rise during summer, there is not much you can do out on the streets or in the desert. Don't fret though, the place has enough and more indoor activities to keep you occupied.


Wall Climbing

Dubai might not have many rock climbing places in the great outdoors, but when it comes to indoor activities, the country doesn't let you down. Wall climbing is a much loved indoor sport there, and at the Dorrell Sporting Club, you can climb walls that scale up to 15 metres in height. Experienced professionals will guide you all along the way and you will be taking a safety test before you get yourself into the gear needed to climb the wall. There are also classes available for the newbies, once you have aced the test, you can begin climbing the walls on your own. You can call them up with the number provided on their website if you need more details.



Quite a recent entertainment centre in Dubai, Bounce Dubai is a child-friendly place and is one of the coolest play areas in town. Basically an indoor trampoline park, Bounce Dubai has about 100 trampolines that are interconnected. Bounce your way from one end of the room to another, bounce until the sun sets in the deserts of Dubai and get back to your hotel rooms with a light heart and smile plastered on your faces. People of all ages will love to play at Bounce Dubai, and it is an extremely safe sport that gives you protective gear for the more anxious bouncers.



If you want to while away the day and escape the heat with a few games that will entertain you, you must visit Hub Zero. Located in the district of City Walk, this place offers leisure and shopping apart from the gaming arena. From a 4D theatres to driving experiences and gaming areas, this is the perfect indoor activity space during a sunny day in Dubai.


Water Park

If you are travelling around the region with children and the heat gets overbearing, step out of your air-conditioned rooms at DUKES DUBAI or at any one Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, and take a trip to the Aqua Play. With fun games and water rides, this park needs no sunscreen or swimsuits as it is an indoor play area that focuses only on water-based activities. The entry to the park is usually AED 35 per person.


Challenging Chambers

The Challenge Chambers can be found inside the Sunset Mall on the Jumeirah Beach Road. This is a real-life game that requires you be locked up in a tiny room with a mystery to solve. You have to solve riddles, complete puzzles and find hidden items in the room; connect all the hints given and unlock the room. The players are expected to escape the room using their gut feeling, intelligence, and sixth sense. The ticket to the room costs anywhere from about $75 to $125.