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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Common Misconceptions About Custom Software Development

Our human trait never lets us believe in something when we are not aware of the fact about the content of matter. It happens to everyone and can be totally understandable. When we talk about custom software development, many businesses turn their back towards thinking it must be an expensive approach to develop a customized software for their business.
It might be possible that your first encounter with the custom software development might not be fruitful due to a number of reasons. But if custom software, done correctly, can generate a huge profit and can bring tremendous opportunities for businesses.
To resolve few misconceptions about custom software development, we have made a list of those misconceptions in order to let businesses take action freely to make technology changes into their business.


Custom software development is not meant for your business

A not so good experience with your earlier custom software development, may bound you to think that custom development won't work for your business. But the truth is, it was not the inadequacy of the custom software development for your business but it was the inexperience of your developer whom you have hired to develop your business software.

For a result-driven experience, you need a team of custom developers that not only understand your project idea but also understand the whole cycle of your business. An experienced custom software development company ask questions to the clients that aim to resolves the problems that revolve around the core of the business and fix them with the latest technology implementation.

Look out for the creative thinkers that put best efforts in bringing up most suitable solution for your business that enhances your ROI.


ERP software is expensive to implement

The reality is, it is not expensive. The reason is simple, the software is only customized for your business, keeping in mind all the requirements and problems of your business. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology like cloud, everything has become much more economical. Thus, implementing cloud and SaaS into ERP software development will reduce the development cost, maintenance cost, and even the software licensing cost.

Also, as the price of developing your customized software is negotiated at the time of finalizing the project, there are no extra chargers later at the time of delivery.


It is time-consuming and complex to develop

Developing a customized software is a bit time consuming if compared to the already prepared software that you may purchase after giving a good amount. It is important to understand that the amount of time and money you are spending on developing a software is worth the wait. Because it is solely developed keeping your business requirements at the center. Also, it will witness all the problems of your business.

The other thing which your custom software development company do is that to develop software in modules. In that way, it will be easy to test and fix the bugs and also you can run that module in order to see whether you are getting a satisfactory result or not.

And the complexity of the software depends entirely on the features that you want to incorporate into the software according to the business requirements.


Upgrading custom software is difficult

People think that upgrading their customized software might be difficult due to few reasons like the cost attached to it, hiring a service provider or a developer, etc. But all this can be optimized if you have discussed with your custom team that they provide post-support services to their clients.

There are top custom software development companies that assured their support, post-delivery of the product. Moreover, the software is custom-made for your business. Thus, you have the code and authority to access it and upgrade according to the requirements in future. Apart from this, a good custom software company develops the software while keeping flexibility for the changes in the future.


The customized developed software is untested or is of poor quality

The developed software can always have some bugs in it, but it is not true that they are not tested. At every step, the team makes sure to test the module rigorously to the level where it is bugs free.
Testing is done in two step: internal testing and user-end testing. In both the steps, it is assured that the software runs smoothly and hassle-free. Thus, trust the developer team as they value your time and money.


Wrapping Up

It is important to clear out the above myths before you go for developing a software for your business. Furthermore, there are few things which you should consider before making any decision like:

Hire a good team of custom software developer
Search for the creative minds those who are experts in latest technologies.
Study and analyze your business requirements thoroughly, so that you can explain to the team and expect a good result.
Make a proper strategical plan with the custom development team and check that list between development cycle. A checklist will help you to know whether the team is working according to plan or not.