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Why Travel in Groups – The More the Merrier

After all, making merry is high in the list of priorities when one is on holiday, hence, it makes sense to have a group of like-minded people to join you in your escapades while you relax and enjoy.


It's Fun

While this entirely depends on how compatible the rest of the group is with you and your own travel partners, there is great potential for trips in groups to be fun. If you do have the luxury of talking your friends and family into joining you on your journeys around the globe, rest assured that you will have the time of your life. The ground travel becomes entertaining when people sing along, meal times become merry as their stories are shared and memories are created and expeditions become more exciting when there are many people with diverse interests. Travelling in a group also creates a sense of belongingness and responsibility making it safer than a trip all alone or with just one partner.


It's Cost Effective

When one chooses to use Aitken Spence holidays to tour Sri Lanka he or she automatically splits the costs of ground transportation and the guide's rates amongst a dozen or more people. Having a large number of people in your group could also help when purchasing tickets at certain venues, buying souvenirs and trinkets and even when reserving hotel rooms as bulk discounts can be obtained. If you are someone who is particular about the total expenditure incurred when on holiday, the tour group option is what should be explored. Speak to any travel agent in Sri Lanka and you will discover that the total price that they quote is much less than what you would incur if you attempt the entire tour independently. When compared to most other tourist destinations in the world, the costs that would be incurred in Sri Lanka are reasonable; yet even that can be improved.


It's Educational

When a group of people come together, they bring with them a plethora of knowledge about various aspects of biodiversity, history, archaeology, arts and terrains. To top it all, there is almost always a tour guide who joins a group of travellers. Such guides are locals with an abundance of knowledge about the sights and sounds that you plan to witness; thus they are able to help you understand what you see better and share folklore, local culture and recommend great local cuisine.


It's Convenient

There is a certain thrill in planning the itinerary, booking hotels and buses on your own; however, if you are short of time and if you find it difficult to ascertain what is best for you, choosing to travel in a tour group is the best option. The travel agent takes on the entire gamut of headaches on behalf of you; books you in to star class hotels, set out the day plan for each day of your trip such that you do not miss out on the most interesting places, arranges aesthetic performances and even allocates days for shopping. You only need to pack your bags, come, witness, experience and enjoy!

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