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Updated by United Tax on Apr 06, 2018
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We are Tax Assistants!! We save your time and money with our Assistance!!

United Tax is an online Tax consultant available for 24X7. We provide the tax solutions with our CPA’s, EA and Tax experts around the local offices in the US. We offer a personalized online tax filing, Timely taxation and Audit protection with top-rated customer service.

Tax Preparation Services | Indian CPA in Fremont | Indian Taxes in Bay

Welcome to United TAX. United TAX offers professional income tax preparation services, DESI CPA, FBAR & FATCA. Get your maximum tax refund guaranteed.“>
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Desi CPA | FBAR Filing | FATCA Filing | Indian Taxes | UNITED TAX

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Desi CPA in Bay Area | FBAR Filing in Bay Area

Why choose United TAX? Maximum refund, Timely Filing, Submit your paper work online, Our virtual interface screen share, live video conversation, and Identity protection secured.

Foreign student taxes in Bay Area | FATCA Filing in Bay Area

Get Started with United TAX? File your taxes in just four clicks. Register in our website, Submit your paper work, Schedule appointment and Receive a copy of your filed tax

1040 Tax Calculator | Indian Taxes in Fremont

1040 tax calculator is an estimation tool and it is used to estimate your tax liability or refund

Marginal Tax Rate Calculator | Indian CPA in Bay Area

Marginal tax rate calculator used to determine your marginal and effective tax rates. This calculator sorts through the tax brackets and filing options to calculate your true tax liability.

Lease vs Buy Calculator | Desi CPA in Fremont

We calculate your monthly payments and your total net cost. By comparing these amounts, you can determine which better value is for you.

Payroll Deductions Calculator | FBAR Filing in Fremont

This calculator helps you to determine the impact of changing your payroll deductions. You can enter your current payroll deductions, and then compare to your proposed deductions.

401 k Calculator | FATCA Filing in Fremont

A 401 k can be one of your best tools for creating a secure retirement. Use this calculator to see why this is a retirement savings plan you cannot afford to pass up.

Federal Tax Update Webinars | Foreign student taxes in Fremont

Webinar allows you to participate in discussion with concerned people after online registration.