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Top 5 burgers that you must try – Something for everyone!

Burgers are the perfection creation of bread, meat, vegetables served with the best, most delectable sauce that perfectly accompanies it.


Classic burger with cheese

This classic burger with cheese is hard to miss and served at almost any hotel café in Colombo or restaurant. Either made of a chicken or beef, the burger patty is grilled to perfection and sandwiched by two lightly toasted buns between fresh lettuce, tomato and drool-worthy, melted cheese. The cheese used is mostly cheddar, but some restaurants use mozzarella as well. Condiments are usually tomato ketchup and mayo, but some establishments spruce it up with a caramelized onions, hot sauce or Worchester sauce, which brings out flavours of the meat perfectly. You'll be able to find a classic burger at any restaurant or hotel such as Mandarina Colombo, just make sure to specify if you want it in chicken or beef! Burgers are often accompanied by a serving of French fries.


Grilled turkey burger

Quite uncommon to Sri Lanka, the grilled turkey burger can rarely be found in restaurants as turkey is not a common type of meat popular amongst the locals. However, turkey burgers are quite similar to the classic burger, but usually lightly drizzled with a sweet sauce like cranberry sauce and topped with a layer of melted cheese. The buns are lightly toasted to bring out the soft flavours of the turkey.


Chicken burger

Who doesn't love a good chicken burger? Chicken burgers can be either crumb fried or grilled. The grilled patties are usually marinated in some tantalizing sauces that are quite apparent when you take your first bite. Restaurants such as Cricket Club Café or popular franchises such as McDonald's or Burger King do a rather good serving of chicken burgers for you to choose from. Burgers are almost always accompanied by French fries and your favourite drink, which makes for a great meal!


Breakfast burger

Available at Colombo Fort Café at the Dutch Hospital, the breakfast burger is pretty much a great and almost perfect way to start the day, especially if you're a foodie or burger lover. The double-decker burger is tall and can be made with chicken or beef patty. The burger is complete with melted cheese, fresh tomatoes, onion, a fried egg and some crunchy bacon, which is usually served with potato wedges. Breakfast burgers can also be enjoyed at any time during the day or night!


Vegetarian burger

Vegetarians don't worry. Colombo makes its fair share of delectable vegetarian burgers that are as delicious as their meaty options. You'll have to do a bit of hunting though (no pun intended), for the vegetarian options, but popular restaurants similar to those mentioned above might be able to serve you a delicious vegetarian burger made of tofu and topped with crunchy, fresh vegetables. The tofu is flattened and made into a patty before being marinated and then grilled to perfection. The sauces for the veggie burger can vary, but the usual condiments are tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

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