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Fixed Deposit Investment Updates

List of all Fixed Deposit Investment Related Buzz around the globe like FD scheme, Fixed Deposit Interest Rate, Calculate the interest rate on FD more.

Real Estate Investing V/S Fixed Deposit V/S Mutual Funds - Latest Health & Other News

As the market in the Indian economy has many investment sources, it might pretty confusing for a person to choose the right type of investment. Apart from the various options available in the market, you can choose from real estate, Fixed Deposit and mutual funds.

Choosing an Investment: Fixed Deposit V/S Mutual Funds | Top News Blog

Fixed deposits and mutual funds each can come with their share of benefits. Learn more about choosing between the two.

Small Savings Schemes Might be Attractive but here’s How Fixed Deposit Tops Them - Download Stuff

The majority of the investments apart from fixed deposits are subject to market risk. People who are not willing to take a plunge in high-risk market prefer savings over investment. The market is always fluctuating which in turn affects the market rates. As for savings, they accrue certain rate of interest on a yearly basis and do not get affected by the market conditions.

Why Prefer Fixed Deposit Investments Over Other Investment Options? | Best Magazines Blog

Investment these days has turned out to be a most preferred way to park surplus funds. One of the reasons for this can be higher returns. But for some people, the concept of investments can be a little intimidating. A major reason for this can be the risk involved in investments. In fact, investments are not that intimidating as it seems, if they are planned well, as well as if you are investing in a right place.

Investing in a Fixed Deposit of a Non-Banking Financial Company - Know Everything about Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

The prospect of earning is accompanied by a desire to save a portion of the earnings. Investing, which is more complicated than saving is also considered but a majority of individuals stick to putting their spare funds in a savings bank account.

Things You Need to Know about Fixed Deposits and Tax Savings – Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed deposits (FDs) constitute one of the safest modes of investments which provide assured returns without being influenced by the highs and lows of the market. They are a secure investment that add to your overall savings and provide coverage in times of need. When investing on a Fixed Deposit, the key factors to bear…

Here are some Reasons to Invest in Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits

Aman  is working in the domain of Investment management in one of the top universities. He has published research papers and case studies in Investment and Fixed Deposit marketplace. He is an avid blogger in the domain of Investment management. you can also find him on social networking platforms.

Tips for Right Investment - All About Loans

What money stands for us? Maybe it’s not the money we work for, but nothing works without money. But, earning the money and spending it, is not a desired process. You should save some money, invest it in the right channel and get profit out of it. Then, you can make the actual utilization of your...

Investing For The First Time? Try Fixed Deposits | Yudas!

People usually inclined to save their extra money, rather than making it their disposable income. On the other hand, some people tend to invest it.

Investing in Fixed Deposits- All you need to know | Blogging Fair Trade

How many times have you compromised on your goals in spite of having a decent salary? On this journey to lead a comfortable life, a number of situations challenge us financially. As soon as we start earning, we somehow start feeling the sense of responsibility towards our families and loved ones. Be it a long list of pending debts or a dream trip to Europe, the common man with a nominal monthly salary is caught in the trap of never ending expenses. However, this situation can be tackled efficiently if proper planning is done at the right time. One of the most common and reliable methods to do that is Investment.

5 Things to Note Before Submitting your FY19 Investment Declaration

If you do the job in the corporate sector, you know that this is the time when you would be submitting your investment statement for the upcoming financial year.

When is the Right Time to Invest in a Fixed Deposit

With security of capital and assured returns, fixed deposit have been popular investment direction that ensure secure investments.

How to Save Money for Retirement | 6 Common Retirement Mistakes to Avoid | Bajaj Finance

Planning for retirement is tricky, and stakes are usually higher when you’re nearing retirement. These errors in judgment can reduce the potential of your funds, which can cost you money. Recent research and statistics reveal that the average Indian falls 30% short of the income needed for an ideal retirement, which makes it more important than ever, to build a large corpus. A large corpus helps you retire comfortably, and maximize your investment money.

When it comes to retirement, people make a few common mistakes. Most investors don’t know how much they need after retirement, which results in shortfalls in terms of retirement planning. This can become a problem, especially in case of emergencies.

Not including contingencies in your retirement plan can be another retirement mistake, which results in unpreparedness in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Often, investors underestimate their expenses, which can be very risky during retirement, when you don’t have a stable source of income to bank upon. It is hence, advisable to start saving earlier in your career, so you have more time to grow and mature your finances. It can also help you develop the habit of saving, which is healthy in the long run.

Usually, we put off retirement savings in our twenties or thirties, thinking that our retirement is lightyears away. However, this may result in accumulation of lesser retirement corpus and become detrimental.

Another mistake made by most investors is the skipping of inflation as a factor, from their investment plan for retirement. It is also important to make smart investment decisions, else you could lose out on most profits. It is also recommended to start saving early for your retirement so that you can enjoy a larger corpus.
One of the best investment approach to grow your retirement corpus is to choose a mix of high risk and low-risk investment options. You can invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits for stable returns, which come with flexible tenor, periodic payouts, and stability.

Watch this video to find out more about the common retirement mistakes

Choose Fixed Deposit for Safe Investments

Fixed deposits (FD) is very stable and safe investment option becaue Fixed deposits have no effect of market fluctuations. For more information please check out the website.

How Senior Citizens Can Make the Most of Tax Breaks on Offer

There are many plans that would help senior citizens to get a break from tax and concession if they invest in them. You can get complete information on the official website.

Get the Investments Options for Late-Starters

Quick and high return-oriented investment schemes involve investing in the market. If someone wants a complete risk free investment then they can always choose for fixed deposits.

Where To Invest To Get The Most Return When You Have 1 Crore

Bajaj Finserv is offering an even higher FD Interest Rate at 8.45%, making it one of the most preferred fixed deposits for senior citizens. For more details please check out the website.

Top 5 Investment Plans to Earn 1 Crore

Every person thinks of getting the great amount, but their determination may vary. Some may be ready to begin their company in near future, whereas, others may be desiring to go for higher education.

Invest your Gratuity Amount in FD to Get Monthly Dividends

Gratuity money is the amount that your employer gives you in return for your loyalty and sustained service to the firm. Most people claim this amount at retirement, or when they leave the firm.

Smart Financial Moves to Make if you Going to Retire

Preparing for retirement is an essential part of your financial planning, as it makes for a financially stable and free post-retirement life.

Investment Options with Less Risk Can Help You With Your Short-Term Goals

When you think about an investment, it is usually for the long term. However, what would you choose if you have short-term goals? How would you approach your goals? Even if you have short-term goals, you can’t give up planning...

Points To Consider When Investing In A Fixed Deposit For The First Time

With the high surety of return on investment, fixed deposits are one of the best investment tools available in the market. Even though the trend has immediately been leaning towards mutual funds and equity shares, Fixed Deposit's are the reliable bet for beginners who do not have much knowledge of the market functioning.

Fixed deposits are an excellent and reliable way of investments for those who aim for safety on their returns. ‘Fixed Deposit’ is a term that is coined by banks and other non-banking financial companies (NBFCs).

Best Investment Plans and Ideas for FY 2018-2019

Finally, you have money to invest, but the difficulty is you have no clue where to invest it. So you go online and start searching for different investment options only to get you more involved than before with the myriad investment opportunities out there.

Common Investment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Investments are not easy to make as you have spent a long time getting the substantial amount. Which is why, it is advisable to take one’s time and do the analysis before getting the final call.