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Updated by Garth Friesen on Mar 30, 2019
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Top Fixed Income Stories: Week of April 6th

Here are some of the stories impacting the bond market.

Stunned Investors Reap 95% Gains on Defaulted Puerto Rico Bonds

Of all the wild, head-scratching moves in financial markets this year, there are few that have surprised investors quite as much as the rally in defaulted Puerto Rico bonds. “It just blows my mind,” says Matt Dalton, chief executive officer of Belle Haven Investments.

Bill Gross struggles to attract investors at Janus Henderson

Former bond king manages just a fraction of the assets he had at his height

Stock Market Pain Bleeds Into Junk Bonds

Credit traders haven’t been this apprehensive about junk bonds for more than a year.

Citi: Rise in Libor-OIS spread has further to go

Matt King, global head of credit products strategy at Citi, discusses the Libor-OIS spread and U.S. Treasurys.

Treasuries, Stocks and Shocks

Stock-bond correlations have changed over time, but bonds have consistently performed countercyclically and provided positive returns in all US recessions since 1952.

Greece’s clean exit: Politics vs economics

There seems to be a strong convergence of interests between the Greek government, the European Commission and Eurozone Member States (and the IMF): they all want a clean exit from the Third Economi…