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List of Best Tech Tips

This list has tips and tricks about technology

Top 10 Action Games For Android To Play Offline In 2018

If you're a game lover and looking for best action offline Android games that comes with intense gameplay and high-quality graphics, then check out the list of the top 10 action game for Android to play offline.

How to Reduce Noise in Your Photos

Aberrant pixels or digital noise in your images cause due to various reasons affecting your photo quality negatively. Here, your images may look noisy due to high ISO settings while taking pictures.

How Is Facebook Trying To Regain Your Trust?

Mishandling the data of more than 50 million users damaged the reputation of Facebook. They are now fighting hard to regain their users trust! Check out what changes are the company making and are the worth enough?

Boost your Mac’s performance With TuneupMyMac

Optimization for smooth performance of computer is as important as food for us humans. One of the biggest culprits behind the slow and sluggish performance is junk files. It takes a lot of space and…

How to Fix 'Download Pending' Error On Google Play Store

Got 'Download Pending' error on Google Play Store? Read the complete article and follow the easy to do steps to rectify this annoying error message.

6 Best Blogs to Stay Updated on Technology

The cardinal rule of getting information on different topics today is to get to some quality blog of the same niche. Here are given top 10 blogs to stay updated on technology.

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Social media accounts have become a necessity for an average user to stay connected with their near and dear ones. You can even use these accounts to keep in touch with your professional network…

How to Protect Your Identity Online

Your system not only stores the files or folders known to you but it also stores a lot of sensitive information not known to you scattered across your system storage.

How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone – Systweak Software – Medium

The best way to keep your photos & videos safe from curious onlookers and cybercriminals is to use secret photos apps. One such app is Secret Photo Vault that offers a bunch of useful features to…

How To Fix iTunes Error 3194

Apple users face irksome iTunes error 3194 while updating their iOS device using iTunes. We will help you to reach the ultimate solution to fix iTunes error 3194.

10 Best Registry Cleaners For Windows 10/8/7

Registry is one of the most important components of Windows computer. It contains all PC hardware and software settings. Whenever you uninstall a program, the program should be removed from the…

How To Get Subscribers On YouTube Fast And Free In 2018

To turn your channel into a profit churning machine, you need to get more YouTube subscribers, as they play a vital role in building up a YouTube channel. So, in this article, we have listed all the best ways to get free subscribers on YouTube in 2018. Read on.

Top 10 Best Tips to Protect Your Mac from Hackers

Mac is famous for its security features. Some people even think that they do not need to worry about any data breach because they are using mac. But, for hackers it is not impossible to hack a Mac device. So, here are given some basic tips and tricks to keep your Mac safe form hackers.

Boost WiFi Internet Speed Using Command Prompt Tricks

If you notice that your Wifi internet speed is not as the plan purchased, then there could be network settings issue. You can resolve the issue and boost internet connection speed by using a few tricks on the Command Prompt.

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On Android

To make a call from a smartphone is the simplest of all the operations you perform on it. All you need to do is to open contacts on your phone and tap on the contact you wish to make a call. But if you have duplicate contacts for the same person? Obviously, it will make…

5 Best Duplicate MP3 Songs Remover for Mac

If you happen to join a party and the party is going on without music. This is just not possible. You can notice that not one or two, almost everybody present there, will be found with their foot trying to sync with the music. Everybody loves music. Many people use music for healing therapy. Music…

How To Get More Views On Snapchat

If you want followers to gaze on your Snapchat profile and want to reach greater audience, you need to keep a few things in your mind. To know the tips to get more views on Snapchat.

Photos are the best way to rememorize our precious moments of life. But sometimes we have many more images and we cannot save every image we click, so in that case, photo organizer utilities are the best way to manage those images.

How To Upload Photos From Camera Roll To Snapchat

Many Snapchat users don't know how to upload photos from camera roll to Snapchat. But, don't worry! This article is your step by step guide for those who don't know how to upload photos from camera roll to Snapchat story. Read on!

How To Prevent Identity Theft – Systweak Software Blog

Recently there is an increase in the cases of identity theft. It is the fastest growing cybercrime and it results in loss of billions of dollars around the globe. What is identity theft? Identity theft is crime in which theft and fraud is committed by stealing victim’s identity. After stealing the identity, criminals use the…

How to View Snapchat Profile on Computer

Snapchat has become a famous app for people who love to hangout or travel because it is loaded with lots of features which helps to make your posts funky but is there any way to view Snapchat profile on computer? Well, let's find out.

How to Defrag Disk in Windows 10 – Systweak Software Blog

If you have noticed random performance issues on your system recently like lags, slow performance, crashes etc. then it could be caused due to disk fragmentation. Here, disk fragmentation is one of the possible reasons that affect your system performance negatively over time. Your system hard disk gets fragmented over time due to regular use…

10 Best Entertainment Apps For Android in 2018

Turning to your smartphone to help you kill the boredom? If yes, then check out these amazing entertainment apps for Android to kill some time.

How to Boost System Performance using Disk Cleanup

In this article, we have elaborated more about disk cleanup and how it can boost your system performance. Check this out!

How to download iPhone Apps Not Available in Your Country?

There is a brand-new app launched, you want to download it, but the 'item you requested is currently not available in your country'! Don't feel bad you can still try out the app, how? Follow the blog to get your answer.