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Taxi Industry

The advent of automation into the industry through taxi dispatch software is one of the iconic reformations happened in the world. With the help of the taxi technology, every process related to taxi dispatching and booking has been automated.

Impacts of Automation on the Taxi Industry

Recently, we are witnessing a sea change in the transportation sector, especially taxi industry. This transformation is tremendous and unexpected; however, its impact on taxi business is dramatic and lasts forever. The advent of automation into the industry through taxi dispatch software is one of the iconic reformations happened in the world. With the help of the taxi technology, every process related to taxi dispatching and booking has been automated.

Taxi dispatch software: A better way to manage your business

With tech-savvy customers taking centre stage, it has become exceedingly difficult for taxi businesses to cope with their growing demands of speed and convenience. These customers expect instantaneous access to information, prompt response and smooth service, without any compromise. Uber and many other emerging taxi hailing companies have been successful at matching up to the expectations of the customers by setting up an efficient taxi dispatch system and user-friendly mobile application.

Uber-like App built for on-demand airport taxi service

Airport taxi service is one of the fast-growing, profitable sectors of transportation at this moment, and rightly so. Rushing to the airport on time while navigating through heavy traffic is stressful. And at the same time, travelling home or to the hotel after a long flight is an arduous task. Similar to on-demand taxi booking, airport taxi service provides reliability, comfort and convenience to its passengers.

Implement IRT Feature to Dispatch Safer Taxi Service

While enjoying the convenience of technology, we have to face some evils. Now it is the case with taxi aggregation, which was considered as one of the best initiatives in the taxi industry. However, a series of life-threatening incidents increases the demand for safety measures. At any rate, providing secure commuting options to passengers is the duty of the service providers.

To-Be Trends in Taxi Industry

There are a lot more happening in the transportation sector. With the advent of taxi management software, technology has revamped the taxi industry to the core and made it highly reliable. A plethora of technological innovations have intervened the field to make it more reliable for common public and more beneficial for businesses. Here are a few innovations that we can expect in the near future.

White-label Uber Clone App to Vamp up On-demand Taxi Business | Latest Blogs | Tagmytaxi

The ride-sharing concept itself is the brainchild of Uber. Being the father of the online taxi business, Uber has reached greater heights whereas still testing several strategies, introducing various features to meet the demand and face challenges, and spreading its wings across the globe dynamically. But, the entrance of Uber into the on-demand transportation industry has affected the business of other traditional taxis and deprived them off from the market. While understanding the market potential, the other taxi business operators have started looking for solution to catch the market again. In order to compete with Uber, they were in the verge of adopting a technology that Uber was using. There comes the Uber clone app, which is nothing but a replica of Uber taxi software with separate applications for passengers and drivers.

How taxi applications for airports benefit your taxi business | Tagmytaxi

Airport shuttle has been one of the rising segments in the taxi market. As the number of flight travellers grows, so does the demand for airport taxi services. Passengers frequently use taxi services to and from the airport to their destination. However, in today’s market where convenience is most essential, hassle-free travel booking has become the need of the hour. This is where airport taxi applications have been making a major impact.

Effective strategies to emerge successful in Uber-clone taxi business | Tagmytaxi

How many times have you waved at a random taxi and bargained for better fares? Things are changing rapidly with the rise of Uber-clone business in recent times. Uber had entered the ride-hailing market in 2009 and since then, there is no turning back. Moreover, the forecast for the Uber-clone taxi business proves to be promising with the global drop in domestic passenger vehicle sales. The Uber-clone business involves three segments that primarily needs to be focused on:

5 effective tips to grow your car rental business | Tagmytaxi

Domestic car sales have dropped considerably when compared to the last year. This can be attributed to the shifting user interest from car ownership to shared mobility. Following the changing ideologies, car rental and leasing services have seen a sharp growth.  The global car rental market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.5%, during the forecast period, 2019-2024. The increasing demand and the entry of new players into the market make it even more competitive. If you are looking to make your mark in the market, here are 5 effective tips for your car rental business.