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Top Gmail Tools

Gmail Can be very very useful in internet business. Here you will find some of the most important tools

Gmail Signature

Signatures can be very handy. Whenever you send an email , it goes with that.

Suggestions :-

  1. Include your Own Name on Top
  2. Then possibly put your contact Number with City, Country Code
  3. Insert your Skype ID
  4. Insert Best Timings to Contact
  5. Facebook Page ID , insert link
  6. Website Name , insert Link
  7. Product small image Size may be 100x 72 or 200x 150 px , link it to sales page
the New Compact Compose in Gmail

New "Compose" view introduced by Gmail.

To me , it has these good features :-
1. You can have a compact "Compose window while in Inbox vies

  1. Can add CC , BCC straight , compact

  2. Can have more than 1 compose windows

  3. Read More ......

Task & Calenders to plan ahead your work

Planning & Scheduling Work with Tasks & Calenders :

You can plan your work or schedule it for the next date, in gmail itself. How, let us see..

  1. Read More ......
Use Multiple Inboxes Feature

If you want your mail really arranged in TWO Inboxes or more ; gmail has made it possible , Go to Settings--->labs---> multiple inboxes----> enable.

Use 2-step verification & tracking Last activity can really secure your Gmail account

Your Gmail Account can be Hacked !
Yes , I mean it very much. Some time back , a friend of mine got his gmail account hacked. He had to do it all again & he got that. Read More ......


Use Filters to delete unwanted emails permanently

Use Filters to delete unwanted emails permanently

Do you receive & can't stop those DIRTY emails you receive ? Here is a way :-

  1. Open the mail you wish to STP receiving from.
  2. Click on the "More" Option
  3. Select "Filter messages like this"
  4. click "Create Filter with this search"
  5. check box "Delete" and also "apply to matching conversations"
  6. Create Filter, and DONE.
  7. You wont receive message henceforth + Your old messages from the ID have gone.

Selection of Multiple Messages in a range

Selection of Multiple Messages in a range
  1. Go to mail Settings----> Labs---Enable Keyboard Shrtcuts.
  2. Now open your folder in the left panel.say "spam"
  3. Select the first message.
  4. Now press shift key & select the last message in the range.
  5. This will select all messages in range
  6. Now Just Mark "Not Spam" on them.Or whatever action you want it to perform, e.g. delete or , Star etc.

Amazingly easy, I Love Gmail


One click Import & Exporting Contacts

One click Import & Exporting Contacts

When Working with other mail providers , Gmail is very co-operative. You can just export all your contacts into a csv file, then go & import in your yahoo or any provider.

Same way for importing the contacts

Keyboard shortcuts - Gmail Help

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. You'll need a Standard 101/102-Key or Natural PS/2 Keyboard to use the

Google Docs [Now Google Drive]- FREE space 5 GB

Online Desktop this is ....! And now you can save upto 5 GB on chrome

10 Best Gmail Labs Addons

Gmail is one of the popular email service with lots of features and addons and has most the highest number of users. So if you are Gmail user like us then you

App review: Google Drive for Android

Google Drive for Android is a great in-between app for when you are away from your desktop

The Lab - "Undo send" can save your life

The Lab "Undo Send" is very effective. In addition , there are many other gmail tools.

Untapped Apps on Google Drive

Here are 6 untapped Google Apps - to be downloaded from Chrome Web store.

Chrome Office use Apps

If you haven't already, dump archaic email for projects. It doesn't work. The idea
of having a stream of emails gathered chronologically -- and stuffed with uncollaborative attachments rather than fluid conversations organized by project -- is asking for confusion and delays.

Why is Gmail Slow? Supercharge Your Gmail With These Tweaks | Business 2 Community

Sometimes Gmail loads slower and inbox takes more time to show incoming emails. If the issue is not related to the Google’s service itself, it means something Login | Sign up for Gmail Login, Gmail Signup and Sign in is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is head over to enter your Gmail Account login credentials if you have an existing account

Using more than 1 Gmail Account at once

You can use more than 1 account in gmail with this cool feature. But please note that if you use Youtube , the primary account will get connected & not all services from google will be active

Mingly - Personal Relationship Management

Mingly - Personal Relationship Management

Use Gmail and Google Docs to Easily and Quickly Track Anything

Google Docs and Gmail can be used together to create a simple yet flexible way of tracking just about anything. For example, you can easily track your expenses, create a workout log, or set up a food diary.

Google Apps update alerts: Three Gmail labs graduation into standard features

Refresh POP accounts, Filter import/export and Navbar drag and drop , read more tips at

Video of Gmelius, the Best Gmail Chrome Extension

In this video, I'll teach you about 5 cool things you can do with Gmelius, the Chrome Extension and include one way to enhance the Preview Pane Lab at the en...

Search your Mails by Size too ...

As your Gmail gives you 10 GB, you tend to save more & more , thus , searching becomes difficult

But thanks to Gmail. This article from gtricks will tell you how to do it !

Google's great Tool _ story builder in G-Docs

This is a gem from Google. You can create & collaborate stories & share the "Making" as well