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Floor Cleaning Dublin For Less Than You Think!

Floor Cleaning Services

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Marmoleum Floor Polishing

Marmoleum Floor Polishing

Quality Floor Care Services

Floors come under a load of abuse every day, around the clock. Foot traffic, food and drink spills, dust that settles onto it from the air above, ink blots, all through to urine stains for those who have pets in the household. Wood flooring, concrete to tile floors- regardless of the type, they are all affected by the dirt and grime that comes with everyday life. The soiling is unsightly, making the rest of the interior space look dull and dilapidated- especially when left unattended to for long. The stains on the surface of the floor ruin those intricate patterns that it had been installed with. Seeing that the flooring covers the entire area of the establishment, its state has a huge impact on the ambience. Even with elegant furnishings, electronics, upholstery, draperies and wall painting, as long as the floor is soiled, the decor gets ruined. That's not what you want for your home- the one place that you should be able to comfortably relax. Even in business premises, you want to be able to inspire confidence in your customers, not have them doubt the quality of the products and services that you offer simply because the found the floor in a poor condition. The dirt and grime also puts the structural integrity of the floor at risk. Those dirt particles are like sandpaper underfoot, abrading the surface as people walk all over. This wears down the finish coats that had been applied, exposing the underlying flooring to more damage. You want to prevent issues like these from cropping up. Protect elegance of your establishment by calling in the residential and commercial floor cleaning experts.

What You Get When You Call in The Floor Cleaning Professionals

Our personnel come on site at the scheduled time, with the equipment that they need to take care of the task. These are modernised floor cleaning systems and supplies, that are designed to increase the efficacy of the process, delivering quality results in minimal time. The tough acting cleaning agents emulsify the greasy soiling, breaking down the stubborn dirt spots and dissolving the stains, enabling easy removal. Our personnel are highly skilled and come with years of experience, hence they apply the most appropriate measures for your particular type of floor. Wood, cement, tile, laminate, vinyl- they handle it all. Proper control and organisational structures are put in place in order to prevent unnecessary disruptions to your activities. For instance, you wouldn’t want customers and employees in your business premises keeping on colliding with the cleaning crew, or people walking all over the wet areas and getting slip and fall accidents. The appropriate safety measures are put in place, ensuring things run smoothly.

The goal of the floor cleaning process is to leave your premises sparkling. The dirt that has covered the floor, to those stubborn stains that are clinging to the surface are all removed, enabling you to enjoy the look and feel of your flooring. What’s more, additional measures such as buffing of the surface can also be carried out, to leave the floor with the desired level of shine.


Ceramic Tiles Cleaning

Ceramic Tiles Cleaning

Residential And Commercial Floor Care Services

All day every day the floor is picking up dirt. From wood and cement to brick and tiled flooring- none is spared. Particles settling onto the surface from the air above, dirt tracked into the building under people’s shoes, the occasional food and drink spills that result in unsightly stains- they wreak havoc on the surface, taking away the beauty and glamour of the floor. Those with pets also have to deal with the occasional urine accidents that come with pungent odours. It’s not just the aesthetic appeal that is on the line. The dirt building up on the surface is abrasive. As people walk on it, they grind it against the floor, wearing down the protective finish coats that had been applied. Gradually, the effects become more permanent as the surface dulls. There are also those cases like the grout in tiled floors that absorbs moisture, causing the soiling it already has to stick to it, making the cleaning process difficult. You don’t want to live or work in these conditions. Call in our professional floor cleaning team to restore the beauty to your installation.

What Quality Floor Cleaning And Maintenance Services Mean For Your Establishment

First, the flooring is a major investment, and you want to protect it. You spent loads of funds setting it up, and you don’t want to be forced to incur huge expenses in repair or replacement due to neglecting it. Scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance services will enable you to protect its structural integrity and prolong its life.

Then there's the beauty. The floor goes everywhere in the building. As such, its state reflects on everything else. You may have state-of-the-art electronics, classic artwork hung from the walls, or luxurious furnishings that exude sophistication and class, but as long as the floor is dirty and dilapidated, all that will be watered down. That’s certainly not the environment you want in your home, especially after all the effort you've put into picking out the right upholstery, wallpaper and even draperies that will enhance the decor. In commercial establishments, there is more at stake: your reputation and, consequently, your profits. Customers, potential investors and partners or even suppliers to your business will have a negative image of you if they are welcomed into your business premises by soiled and stained floors. It reflects poorly on you, showing that you do not have regard for professional standards. On the other hand, a well cleaned and maintained floor impresses the persons coming to your establishment, winning over their trust- a key aspect that is critical if you want to make more sales of your products and services.

Proper floor cleaning is also important for health and safety reasons. You don’t want your floor being covered in allergens, pollutants and contaminants that can affect the persons in the building. From irritations to respiratory systems, triggering of asthma attacks and worsening of conditions like bronchitis, to infections spreading especially in high traffic commercial establishments- floor cleaning will prevent things from taking this route. In addition, you also get to avoid cases of slip and fall accidents and the missed workdays plus lawsuits that would have otherwise ensued. Get in touch with our customer care representatives to schedule your residential or commercial floor cleaning session today.

Floor Cleaning Dublin

Dublin Floor Cleaning | Floor cleaning services in Dublin | Floor Cleaning Dublin | Floor Cleaners Dublin

Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the few flooring companies with expertise in amtico floor cleaning. Most people do not know what amtico flooring is.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Dublin | Floor cleaning services | Floor Cleaning Dublin | Floor Cleaners Dublin

Our floor cleaning company provides unbeatable tile and grout cleaning services at affordable prices to both commercial and domestic customers.

Laminate Floor Cleaning | Floor cleaning in Dublin | Floor Cleaning Dublin | Floor Cleaners Dublin

We provide deep laminate floor cleaning to a wide range of customers, mostly landlords. Day to day laminate floor cleaning. Hire Dublin Floor Cleaning for all your laminate floor cleaning. We use top of the range water based floor polishes and quality floor cleaning equipment