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10 Unique Gifts Under $25

Don't know what to get someone as a gift? Give this list a try! 10 unique gifts under $25 that will make the other person say wow.

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Smart Notebook Erasable Waterproof

Forget wasting paper. The Elfinbook smart notebook can be erased with water, heat, or the microwave, so it can be used again and again (and again). The 30 double-sided pages are great for classes, doodling, and to-do lists, and the cover is rugged and waterproof to keep it safe. It even comes with an app that lets you transport and store all your notes on cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, and email.

Bath Dreams Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides

Anything made from 100 percent natural bamboo looks expensive, and this bathtub caddy is no exception. Featuring tons of slots and compartments to hold phones, tablets, wine glasses, food, candles, and creams, this chic tub caddy offers for the perfect platform for a self-care, home-spa experience. Plus, it's extra wide to fit most bathtubs, resistant to water, and even if it does get wet, it dries quickly.

Large Slate Cheese Board and Stainless Steel Cutlery Includes 4 Knives plus a Soap Stone Chalk

This slate cheese board comes with a set of four knives and chalk, which can be used to label appetizers. Everything is made out of high-quality ingredients (the knives are stainless steel, and the durable slate board won't crack), and the large size means you can fit plenty of meats and cheeses. Its neutral design means it'll look great in any home, too.

Multi-angle adjustable Phone stand for iPhones and Androids

Unlike similar models, this iPhone and iPad stand has a 270-degree adjustable arm that makes it ideal for recording or watching videos and reading. It's compatible with any smartphone or tablet and comes in a variety of finishes.

Portable Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 Color LED Night Lights

This aromatherapy humidifier provides both mood lighting and calming scents, with its changing LED colored lights and its ultrasonic cool mist diffuser. It can be used as a humidifier in the winter or alongside your essential oils for aromatherapy healing, and its large tank and auto-off feature mean that it's ideal for nighttime use.

Protect Your Credit Card Info - Mulit-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Available in 20 different colors, this travel wallet has space for everything, including your smartphone, money, boarding pass, cards, and passport. It's made from quality eco-friendly PU leather, and even has an RFID blocking shield to keep your information safe while traveling.

Rose Gold Unique Mermaid Makeup Brush Set Cosmetic Tools Kit

High-density soft synthetic bristles offer brilliant coverage while rose gold mermaid handles put a unique spin on a practical gift. What more could you want from this Coshine mermaid brush set? The 10-piece set covers everything from foundation to eyebrows, and people say they're so, so soft.

Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock with 6 Nature Sounds or music

Help someone you love balance their sleep schedule with this genius wake-up light. A half an hour before they're due to get up, this light turns on and gradually brightens, simulating the sunrise and resetting their circadian rhythm. It's way more relaxing than a series of jarring beeps, and it even comes pre-programmed with six natural wakeup sounds like birds, waves, or forest noises.

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

Similar mats go for around $60, but reviewers say this one from ProSource "is the same quality as the more advertised/more expensive brand you would see in yoga or natural living magazines." Over 7,000 spikes stimulate pressure points in the neck, shoulders, and back, increasing circulation and helping to relieve pain and tension.

Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable 8 Ice Cubes Chilling Stones with Tongs for Whiskey Wine

Made with rapid cool technology, these premium whiskey stones chill your drink in minutes without any dilution whatsoever. They have rounded corners so they don't scratch your glassware, and they come in a freezer-safe container. This set has a pair of rubber-tipped tongs and a chilling stick that cools two times faster than the stones.