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Dr Lalchandani Labs

Dr. A Lalchandani (M.D Pathologist) from Banaras Hindu University holds 32 years of rich experience in the field of pathology Vice president of Indian Association of Blood banks Presented paper on “Artificial Blood” at International Society for Artificial Organs at Rhode Island, USA in June 1997 & on “HIV & HbsAg status in India” at SAAR, West Germany in April 1999 founded Dr Lalchandani Labs offering diagnostic lab services in New Delhi with an aim to provide people of Delhi.

Diagnostics home collection service in New Delhi

Dr Lalchandani Labs provides the dedicated diagnostic lab services in New Delhi with latest, sophisticated gadgets, latest technology and R&D to bring the best in class services. Our Health Packages start from Rs 699 the basic Blood Profile Tests to 2999 the Platinum Blood Tests.

Diagnostic Radiology Professions in New Delhi

After months of hard work we are excited to launch our new website tomorrow 12th February 2018. You can reach out to us using lalchandanipathlab.
Our goal with this new website is to make sure that the relevant information is easily available and accessible to you. With your support and constant feedback, we are now equipped to launch the same with the aim of delivering the quality content like our services, what you have experienced in last many years.
Our Radiology Department:
Digital X-ray from Siemens TMT & ECG from GE healthcare Ultrasound Test Color Doppler 2D Echo having Best Diagnostic Radiology Professions in New Delhi.

Medical diagnostic lab in New Delhi

Affordable Health Packages offered by Delhi's leading Diagnostic Lab Service in New Delhi with Diagnostics Home Collection Service.

Complete Health Checkup Packages in New Delhi

We understand it gets difficult to take out time for health checkups from daily schedule and We are committed to provide quality health checkups done at home or office at your comfort and peace of mind. Dr Lalchandani Labs Offering the most comprehensive complete health checkup packages in New Delhi.

Advanced Diabetes Control Packages in New Delhi

Dr Lalchandani Labs offering Female Wellness Profile test Packages, Extended Gold Health checkup Packages, Female Hormone Profile test Packages, Advanced Diabetes Control Packages, Diabetes Control Packages, Senior Male Packages, Advanced Senior Male Packages, Platinum Health checkup Packages, Gold Health checkup Packages, Complete BODY Profile test packages, Basic Blood Profile test packages at Greater Kailash in New Delhi with an aim to give people of Delhi.

Diagnostic lab services in New Delhi

Wellness programmes have been developed by the Dr.LalChandani Labs that has Health Packages tailor made for corporate employees at New Delhi’s Greater Kailash and Lajpat Nagar labs of LalChandani.

Complete Health Checkup Packages in New Delhi

Dr. Lalchandani Labs, New Delhi offers comprehensive health checkup packages to ensure the complete wellness of people. You can now easily Book online Health Checkup Packages in New Delhi from this laboratory. The laboratory offers Basic Blood Profile package, which covers complete blood test in order to analyze whether there is any problems in your blood. This can even benefit to diagnose cancer at early stage. Another package i.e., Complete BODY Profile will check your height, weight, body mass index, eye problems if any, blood test, etc. The Diabetes Control package will include blood sugar test, blood count test, lipid profile (heart function) test, urine examination, etc. There are separate health packages for analyzing the body for male and female. The Male Package comes with complete health checkup of a male like their blood test, urine test, sugar test, including testing of any sexual problems as well. For females, there is Female Hormone Profile package in order to test the blood of female, urine test, heart rate testing, their hormone levels and any other health problems in female body. There is one more package for female i.e., Female Wellness Profile which assures whether the female is fit or not. It tests height, weight of female’s body, including testing of their sexual conditions. Thus, the laboratory presents Complete Health Checkup Packages in New Delhi.

What is Color Doppler Ultrasound Test?

Color Doppler ultrasound test in New Delhi, Kolkata and Pune is the best example of giving quick results without causing any side effects. It’s considered the best way when it comes to evaluating the body veins and arteries without using X-rays and injections. And, we, at Dr Lalchandani Labs provide the best services when it comes to getting this facility. This type of ultrasound turns the sound waves into images, which provides the exact picture of the blood flow. A Doppler ultrasound test is helpful for doctors to check potential injuries in the arteries and to monitor treatments for certain veins and arteries. The common color Doppler test procedure includes renal, carotid, abdominal, gravid uterus, single limb and dual limb Doppler. So, why wait? Get an appointment now! Book @ +011 49057059, +011 49057058!

Diagnostics home collection service in New Delhi

DrLalchandani Path Labs is one of the labs which will provide you with the accurate medical tests at your doorsteps. As you all know that it is very hard for some of the people to go to a lab and get their tests done, so DrLalchandani Path Labs provide them with the test at their home itself.

Gold Health checkup Packages in New Delhi

In addition to that, the laboratory offers Basic Blood Profile package, Complete Body Profile test packages in New Delhi, Diabetes Control Packages in New Delhi, Male Package, Female Hormone Profile test Packages in New Delhi, Female Wellness Profile package, etc.

Platinum Health checkup Packages in New Delhi

It is a fact that women in today’s world are tied with lots of responsibilities that they need to tackle daily. Right from accomplishing the corporate world to running a household and looking after kids, women are occupied in one or the other activities the entire day and they spare little time to concentrate on their health. Regular health checkups help women to diagnose issues in their body at the earliest. Many women can be prone to reproductive system health issues, heart disease, diabetes concerns, etc. If health checkups are carried out on regular basis, they can get rid of the body concerns and can once again resume their active and cheerful lifestyle.

Kidney Function Test

New Delhi has a large number of renowned diagnostic centres and health-care facilities. Advanced Senior Male Packages in New Delhi for check-up usually consists of urine tests, chest X-ray, blood glucose testing, stress test, diagnosis, and detection of chronic ailments like Anaemia, Thyroid problems, Prostate complications. These Advanced Senior Male Packages in New Delhi usually cover tests of over 50 vital parameters including lipid profile to check levels of cholesterols, kidney, and liver function tests, HbA1c levels, and prostate antigens.

Health checkup packages in Delhi

Dr lalchandani path lab is the most advanced diagnostic labs in Delhi NCR.It offers all kinds of pathological test services with hundred percent accurate results and advanced technologies.Along with this, Dr lalchandani labs gives healthcare at doorstep with Home collection service. Now dont find a reason for not taking care of your health! go ahead and book a home/office collection service now for a healthy time ahead.

TMT test in Delhi

Healthcare services not just suggest the intention to take great care to forbid an existing illness from getting aggravated, but also infer to prevent the ailment altogether. What’s more, this is just conceivable when individuals stay vigilant and keep a watchful eye towards their well-being through some of the best health packages in Delhi offered by its different hospitals and diagnostic centres spread across the city.

Ultrasound Test in New Delhi

With 32 years of experience in Pathology, We at Dr Lalchandani Labs are dedicated to offering the right ultrasound test in New Delhi. I believe that it’s essential to diagnose a problem at an early stage.

Blood test lab

Working professionals from the corporate sector are becoming victims of various life-threatening diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and many more. There are many reasons behind these chronic diseases. It includes lack of sleep, work pressure, long working hours, stress, unhealthy food habits etc. Hence it is very important for every company to look after the well being and health of its employees. Such checkups are not beneficial for the individual alone, but also for the companies as well. In this case, Corporate Health Checkups have played a major role in providing a better health and living of the corporate sector employees.

Blood group test

Nowadays, the latest technological advancements in medical science have made it possible to ascertain through these tests, the factors that cause many diseases. Several diagnostic labs in Greater Kailash, New Delhi offer a myriad array of pathological tests, the reports of which can detect a patient’s health conditions. Thispromptsthe consulting doctor to chalk out and execute an accurate treatment methodology.

The Pathological Tests Spelling Health and Wellnes – Lalchandanipathlab

The ESR blood test is effective in detecting the existence of an infection, disease or any condition inside the body that may be giving rise to inflammation.

MRI Scan Centres

In a nutshell, though there are certain bottlenecks like the highly expensive systems that digital pathology includes, the regulatory concerns and above all, the dogmatic approach of the pathologists towards it, digital pathology offers immense possibility in terms of faster and better diagnosis and treatment. When the renowned specialists like are embracing this technology, it can be safely said that the Indian market will witness an extensive growth of it too.

Preventive Health Check UP Centres

Pathologists are specialists who perform several tests and give the judgment of the infection on the basis of the test results. For performing these medical tests, they analyze pee, tissue, and blood and bring out the true results.

MRI Scan Centres

X-Ray is a vastly common test that helps in the detection of several ailments. For senior citizens or high flying executives who are not able to visit the lab because of their age and time constraints respectively, many reputed diagnostic and radiology labs are bringing the X-Ray Testing Services At Home.

TMT test in delhi

A complete body checkup usually involves diagnostic tests that are performed in some of the Best pathology labs in Delhi to examine the general state of the body.

Laboratories in lajpat nagar

Dr. Lalchandani Labs in Delhi has offices at four different locations in Delhi. These are Greater Kailash, Lajpat Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, and Dwarka. This makes the medical service provider easily accessible to the people in Delhi.

Delhi lab

Being located in the heart of South Delhi, Dr Lalchandani Labs is easily accessed from all around the city, however, the strategic location is especially beneficial for those who live in and around the area as they have the best opportunity to avail the laboratory’s world-class services right on their doorstep.

Ultrasound test GK

At Dr Lalchandani Labs, the patients can get high-quality pathological services, radiological services, hospital lab management services, consultation services from expert medical professionals, corporate health check-up services. Dr. Lalchandani Labs has a blood bank facility.