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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Things To Keep in Mind for a Beach Wedding – Ensure that you have a picture perfect wedding

Weddings are always special, especially when it comes to a picturesque wedding by the beach. However, beach weddings require a bit more attention to ensure that they proceed smoothly and without a hitch


Hire a wedding planner

Some tend to think a beach wedding is easy to plan out and that they can handle it themselves.
But trust me when I say that plenty of unforeseen issues will arise that will make things difficult. It is best you assign the entire task of planning to a competent wedding planner. Not only will this take a huge weight off your shoulder but it will also allow you to enjoy your wedding day without a worry. Finding a wedding planner should not be a difficult task. Most wedding hotels in Negombo, for example like Amagi Aria, should be able to connect you with one.


Get the timing right

The afternoon heat can make it too hot at the beachside. Even if you are fine with continuing in the searing weather, chances are that your guests will not welcome such timing, especially when it comes to elderly people and children. Try to work around the heat and opt for a morning or late evening function. If there is no way you can have it at those times, go for the morning spot but ensure there is plenty of shade and breeze around to keep everyone cool. Keep an eye on the weather and pass on the weather forecast to your guests so that they can dress in accordance to the weather. You might also want to check up on the tide. A rising tide can be quite noisy and it can also creep up on your function half way through!


Get an experienced photographer

Beach photography is a bit more tricky than indoor wedding photography. The abundance of light from all corners and the reflection from the sea can all cause problems to an amateur photographer. Go for a photographer with experience in the field and who can take advantage of the beautiful scenery around you.


Dress like it

Since it's a beach wedding, you will be better off ditching the stuffy and heavy wedding gowns for something for light in weight. On the groom's side, he can sport a linen suit but again, if the weather is too warm you can forget the jacket and opt for a loose fitting shirt and trousers. Ladies can aim for something airy and light in weight. Cotton and linen are great options to consider.


Same goes for the food

As with the clothing, your food should reflect the fact that you are having a beach wedding. Incorporate seafood and other delicacies of the surrounding area to add a unique touch to your wedding. As you might already know, the food makes or breaks an event so it is of great importance that your cuisine is on point. Consider the temperature too as some types of food will go bad at high temperatures.

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