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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Things to Do When You Arrive in the Maldives – Make Use of Every Minute!

A vacation in the Maldives is always a special treat, so make good use of your time there. Here are 5 activities you can jump right into after you reach your destination.


Swimming With the Fish

As soon as your feet hit the ground, no doubt one of the main things on your mind is to get a first-hand experience of the inviting cerulean waters. They make up over 99% of Maldivian territory, with the actual islands only amounting to less than 1%. The best way to enjoy the ocean and shake off the jetlag is by donning trusty snorkelling / scuba gear and diving right in. Most beach resorts provide snorkelling equipment free of charge. Scuba diving, however, is normally a paid activity and requires some experience or training. If you're a newbie, request for an instructor and once you get the needed training and certification, you'll be good to go.


Spa Under the Sea

Looking for a more opulent way to unwind after your flight? Underwater spa treatments are one of the premium perks of luxury travel Maldives has on offer. Indulge in exotic spa packages complete with deep tissue massages and reinvigorating facials in a facility that is submerged metres under the sea. There's nothing quite as soothing and wondrous. Watch the marine life swim by as skilled hands work all the knots out of your shoulders. Like the sound of it? You can enlist the help of luxury travel concierge service providers such as Black Kite Travel, to discover more one-of-a-kind holiday experiences.


Meet the Locals

Get a real feel for the local culture and customs in the Maldives. Many resorts offer excursions to inhabited islands. Once there, you can get to know more about traditional island life by mingling with the people, visiting their homes and trying out home-cooked meals. Listen to their stories and learn their customs. There's more to the Maldives than just the picture-perfect sun, sand and surf that the islands are blessed with.


Dinner by the Ocean

If you're travelling with a special companion, an intimate dinner for two by the ocean is probably one of the things you are likely to miss the most after returning home. Tourist resorts in the Maldives are famous for setting up intimate al-fresco dinners under the stars on request. Let the rest of the world fall away as you sink your feet into the silky sand and nibble on delicious morsels prepared especially for the two of you.


Conquer the Waters

From jet skiing to kayaking and catamaran sailing to kite surfing, the Maldives offer tourists a wide variety of water sports activities. Thrill-seekers are likely to feel quite at home here as most resorts feature many, if not all, of these activities in-house. First-timers can make use of an experienced trainer to learn the ropes, while more seasoned adventurers are often allowed to fly solo under the guidance of instructors. Activities that require the use of motors or engines, such as jet skiing and parasailing, are generally offered as short sessions since they can get expensive. In contrast, water sports such as kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are usually a complimentary part of a guest's stay and equipment can be rented out for longer periods of time. Therefore, no matter your skill level or budget, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to go ahead and make the most of the stunning azure waters.