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Must Try Dishes in the Maldives – Flavours You Must Savour

The Maldives islands are truly paradise on earth and if you thought the cuisine consisted of ocean fresh delights you're absolutely right; couple this with island ingredients and enjoy the following.


Bis Keemiya

To understand what Bis Keemiya is, all you need do is think of a spring roll, combined with a curry puff. A light and flaky snack, bursting with a savoury stuffing, this roll is a must try. The centre consists of sautéed and shredded cabbage, spicy onions and a chopped up hardboiled egg. The rolls are extremely easy to make and taste absolutely wonderful as you sit gazing out at the ocean. It's also a great party snack, and easy recipe to follow if you want to take back some experience of dining in Maldives.


Boshi Mashuni

This is a crunchy, savoury dish which is very similar to a salsa and salad. Boshi Mashuni is made with shredded banana flower, exotic spices and fresh coconut for some island flavour. The mix is flavoured with a dash of lime, Maldivian chilli, onions, cumin and turmeric. A lovely fresh and healthy salad that brings loads of flavour to your palate, Boshi Mashuni is quick and easy to make too. Be sure you order the dish at resort dining venues such as those found at Velassaru Maldives.



This traditional fish soup is very much similar to miso or dashi. Bursting with spicy, citrusy flavours this very wholesome soup is a staple in every home. Chunks of fresh tuna are the star ingredient, the cubes are cooked in water, to which curry leaves, onions, garlic and chilli have been added for loads of exotic flavours. Once done the flavour is seasoned with crunchy fried onions and a dash of lime for some zest. A marvellous comfort food, which is easy to cook up in a hurry, this soup is perfect for cold nights and enjoying a warm meal on the beach.


Huni Roshi

Huni Roshi is a fine reflection of the archipelago being located close to Sri Lanka, an island where pol roti, or coconut roti, is a favourite staple. Huni Roshi is the Maldivian take on the Sri Lankan pol roti. These are pancakes or flatbread, seasoned with dashes of scraped coconut and pan-fried or roasted, until golden brown on both sides. Sometimes they puff up like pita bread when pan-fried. The coconut renders the roti a delicious sweet flavour which is ideal for mopping up a spicy curry or eating with anyone of the dishes, described above.


Saagu Bondibai

This is a simple sago pudding given an exotic Maldivian twist. Derived from tropical palm stems, sago is an island staple and is served in many Maldivian homes. This is the kind of dessert you end up getting addicted to as it is made with thick coconut cream, cardamoms, and rose water before being laced with a generous heap of sweet condensed milk. Do try making this refreshingly sweet and cooling dessert, which tastes even better, with some diced tropical fruits, such as, pineapple and melon.