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Headline for Must Try Beach Activities - Perfect Indulgences upon Golden Shores
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Must Try Beach Activities - Perfect Indulgences upon Golden Shores

For most of us, a day spent at the beach, is a day well spent! With the oceans singing in the distance and salty breeze frolicking in the shores, idyllic hours of perfect bliss can be enjoyed. There no end to the delightful activities that one can do at the beach. The list below includes some of the popular indulgences we frequently enjoy at the beach.


Water sports

A day at the beach will surely be incomplete without engaging in thrilling water sports. Most of the ocean strips that line famed resort cities and towns across the world provide all who desire to play with the waves, ample opportunities to find satisfaction. You can snorkel amidst coral reefs and witness the stunning beauty of vibrant marine life for hours. At many destinations you can embark on scuba diving adventures as well and witness the eerie charm of shipwrecks and majestic ocean beings. For those who are yearning for an adrenaline rush, water sports such as surfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing and paragliding may be available. Big game fishing is also an option that you can consider if you wish to treat yourself to a truly epic adventure. If instead of capturing you wish to gaze at the graceful charm of beautiful sea creatures, you can take a whale and dolphin watching tour as well. Especially in Sri Lanka, the small town of Mirissa provides sensational opportunities to spot whales. If you stay at a Mirissa beach resort that offers close proximity to operators who offer these tours you will be able to enjoy this experience with great convenience too. Hotels such as Esprit D'Ici are great options to consider here in this charming little town.


Sample sea food

Along the coastal lines of popular resort destinations in the world, you will find a range of restaurants specializing in delectable seafood dishes. You can sample some of the tastes unique to the country that you are visiting and enjoy a little culinary adventure as well. Prawns, lobsters and crabs are lavishly abundant in these coastal regions so gorge away! Signature dishes of exotic restaurants will surely add much colour and flavour to your delightful beach vacation.



The quiet hush that pervades the beach in the early morning hours before sunrise is truly astoundingly glorious. Choose to spend the first hours of your day breathing in tranquillity and peace of a beach engulfed in the glory of dawn. Relax your mind and body and listen to the roaring seas as the winds take away your stress and worries. The oceans will gift you a well balanced mind to enjoy throughout the day if you choose to visit its majestic presence in the morning.


Working out

At the beach, you can start the day with yoga and end it with a strenuous work out to get all your muscles working. You will be burning the excess fat that has been accumulated throughout the day as you jog and run on the powdery sands of the shores. The salty breeze will keep you fresh throughout the hours you spend engaged in the arduous work out.


Enjoy spa treatments

Many travellers visit sea coastal destinations in the world to enjoy their holidays so it's not uncommon to see a number of sophisticated resorts lining the shores in the famous resort towns. At most of these stunning resorts you will find luxurious spas offering relaxation sublime through a range sensuous of treatments. With the murmur of the oceans in your ears, you can embark on an unforgettable journey to tranquillity engulfed in the serenity of a lavish spa.