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BNCHG - Top Headphones to Buy (All Categories Review)

Buy headphones could be really difficult. We all have been there before.
This list is a detailed catalogue of comprehensive reviews of headphones across various categories.

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10 Best Headphones Under 50 Dollars (2018) - Comprehensive Reviews

There are great headphones below $50. Read our complete guide on the best headphones under 50 Dollars. Detailed comparison chart on the Top 10 headphones below 50 Dollars

Best Headphones Under 100 Dollars - Top 10 Comprehensive Reviews

Buying headphones should not put you out of pocket. There are good headphones for just a fraction of the costs. Our review of the best headphones under 100 gives a comprehensive review of our Top 10 cheap headphones in this price range.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 2018 | Top 10 Reviews

Actionable guide to picking the best noise cancelling headphones in the market. Detailed analysis of all the Top 10 noise cancelling headphones followed by a comprehensive buyer's guide.

Best Headphones to Sleep In (2018) - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

When exhausted and you get into bed for a decent sleep, headphones specifically designed for sleep can help you block out noise or snore. The best headphones to sleep in are perfect companion for the night. Top 6 sleep headphone reviewed here.

Best Headphones with Microphone for Skype - Top 3 Product Reviews

The best headphones for with microphone for Skype are not regular conventional headphones. These headphones are designed to be properly suited for someone sitting in from of a PC for long hours making calls. Read our Top 3 recommendations here.

Best Headphones that don't Leak Sound - Which One to Buy?

Closed back headphones are the best headphones that don't leak sound. These are also known as closed back headphones which are usually specialist headphones for some specific uses. Reviewed here are Top 5 closed back headphones that wont disappoint.

Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV - Reviews & Detailed Guide

If you are a movie lover who enjoy watching with some good audio quality, loud volume or you just want to create the cinema experience in your living room, you need one of these Top Rated Wireless Headphones for TV. They deliver on sound, comfort without any form of interference.

Best Headphones for Conference Calls | Comprehensive Reviews

Not every headphones is ideal for office space. The best headphones for conference calls will not just deliver great sound and mic, it should also improve your work process and give you the required mobility when necessary. Our Top 6 Recommendations here.

Best Low Cost Noise Cancelling Headphones | Top 2 Cheap Headphones

If you are on a budget and looking for the best low cost noise cancelling headphones, these 2 cheap headphones will definitely not disappoint. They have been tested and tried my many and without doubt match up to the premium brands in both noise cancellation and sound quality.

Best Wireless Headphones Less than 100 Dollars | Detailed Review

This is our review of the best wireless headphones less than 100 dollars. Buying wireless headphones should not leave a dent in your purse. We provide a comprehensive review of our Top 3 products and important downsides to note.

Best Headphones for Electric Guitar Practice | No.1 Guitar Headpohones

Most headphones are made for general music listening which usually wont make the best headphones for electric guitar practice. Read about the No.1 headphones for guitar practice, other important accessories and detailed review.

Best In Ear Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out | Top 5 Reviews

Getting the best in ear Bluetooth headphones for working out might be the only gadget required to take your exercise routine to the next level. Read our review of the Top 5 in-ear Bluetooth headphones for sports.

Best Headphones for Classical Music 2018 – Reviews and Comprehensive Guide

Buying the best headphones for classical music is different from buying other types of headphones. We have selected and reviewed the Top 10 headphones for classical music. Also included is a comprehensive buyer's guide listing factors to consider before buying headphones for classical music.