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50 Must-See Los Angeles Concerts This April

It's Coachella month! With that said, concerts in LOs Angeles are aplenty! So may Coachella performers will be taking the stage across intimate venues across LA. Aside from Coachella, there also a ton of non-coachella acts playing shows in LA that you just can't miss.


April 1 -- Alice Boman at Moroccan Lounge

Penning her first EPs while sitting by her grandparents old piano, with nothing but a handheld voice recorder to hand, Alice’s first two releases – 2013’s Skisser EP and 2014’s EP II – were a document of her innermost emotions, pieced together in the sanctum of her teenage home.

April 4 -- Marlon Williams at Teragram Ballroom

Marlon Williams, Category: Artist, Albums: Make Way for Love, Marlon Williams, Sad but True, Sad but True, Vol.3, Singles: Come to Me, What's Chasing You, Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore, Vampire Again, Dark Child, Top Tracks: Dark Child - Single Edit, Come to Me, What's Chasing You, Party Boy, Vampire Again, Biography: A versatile singer/songwriter based out of New Zealand, Marlon Williams crafts narrative-driven, atmospheric indie folk songs that draw from a deep --and often dark -- well of country, soul, bluegrass, and pop., Monthly Listeners: 390902, Where People Listen: London, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles

April 4 -- Yellow Days at Moroccan Lounge

If you're not familiar, Yellow Days is the project of 19-year-old singer / songwriter / producer George van den Broek. He grew up in Surrey, a county just outside of London. He's got a deep, heartbreaking voice that sounds like it should belong to a man much older. This past October he released his new project Is Everything Okay In Your World?

April 5 -- Nina Diaz at The Hi Hat

Revered for fronting the latina punk band Girl In A Coma, touring with Morrissey, Tegan and Sara, Frank Black, The Pogues and more, Nina Diaz’ wildly seductive live performance & warm sense of humor has enraptured fans across the world.

April 5 -- The Breeders at Fonda Theater -- Get Tickets!

The Breeders started as a way for Pixies bassist Kim Deal and Throwing Muses guitarist Tanya Donelly to let out some suppressed creative energy, but thanks to the success of their second album Last Splash and its smash hit single "Cannonball," the band became one of the biggest -- and quirkiest -- acts of the early-'90s alternative rock revolution.

April 6 -- Fujiya & Miyagi at Union Nightclub

Formed by guitarist David Best and synth player Steve Lewis, Fujiya & Miyagi are deeply indebted both to vintage '70s Krautrock and the '90s bands that were themselves influenced by the likes of Neu! and Kraftwerk, from Stereolab and Broadcast to Aphex Twin and the Orb.

April 6 -- The Schizophonics Soul Revue at The Echo

Over the last few years, the SCHIZOPHONICS have built up a formidable reputation in San Diego as an Explosive live act. Tapping into the same unstoppable combination
of rock 'n' roll energy and showmanship that fueled THE MC5 in the heyday of the Grande Ballroom, they're also heavily influenced by artists like JAMES BROWN, IGGY POP, JIMI HENDRIX, LITTLE RICHARD, and THE SONICS.

April 7 -- Alice Bag Band Record Release Party at The Echo

“Trailblazing” - Los Angeles Times

“She's an icon in the punk world of Los Angeles and beyond.” - LA Weekly

“Alice Bag is a Latina punk rock pioneer and a product of the same scene that gave us Black Flag and the Germs.” - Stereogum

“Bag continues to inspire new generations of musicians and feminists alike." - Le Sigh

April 7 -- From the Buena Vista Social Club™ Omara Portuondo at The Regent Theater

“With our music we Cubans have exported more dreams and pleasures than with our tobacco, more sweetness and energy than with all our sugar. Afro-Cuban music is fire, savour and smoke; it is syrup, charm and relief. It is like sonorous rum, which brings people together and makes them treat each other as equals. It brings the senses to dynamic life.”endured. Bartolo was a friend of the national poet Nicolás Guillén and a lover of music and the house, lacking a gramophone, was filled with singing.

April 8 -- SadGirl with Peach Kelli Pop at Teragram Ballroom

Take a shot of surf and garnish it with gangster oldies and tears. You'll have yourself a SadGirl cocktail—tiki umbrella and tear drop tattoo not included. SadGirl is Misha Lindes (guitar/vocals), Paul Caruso (drums) and Dakota Peterson (bass). The lo-fi surf-wop band is one of the newer LA groups making waves these days (pun intended).

April 8 -- Loma at Bootleg Theater

Loma's self-titled debut reveals a band obsessed with songs as sound. There are endless details to discover here, stoked by the album's urgent and searching lyrical themes (exquisitely delivered by the translucent voice of Emily Cross); and on headphones, the album feels both intimate and expansive, like casting your eyes over a detailed painting on a vast canvas.
It's also the product of a joint pilgrimage around the globe by fellow touring musicians.

April 10 -- Kali Uchis at The Novo

Genre-defying Kali Uchis is an ever evolving singer, songwriter, producer, & director who also handles all creative aspects of her brand, & writes all her own music. Growing up between Colombia South America and Northern VA, she learned to play piano & saxophone in a jazz band and fell in love with music. In 2014, she released Por Vida - her first attempt at singing. Since then we have awaited her debut album, but enjoyed her tasteful and selective features, which have all been nominated for Grammys, including songs with Juanes, Tyler the Creator, Gorrilaz, and Daniel Caesar

April 10 Bishop Nehru at Echoplex

Bishop Nehru, Category: Artist, Albums: Elevators: Act I & II, Emperor Nehru's New Groove, Strictly Flowz, Nehruvia, Magic 19, Singles: Up, Up & Away (feat. LION BABE), Rooftops, Bishy's Birthday Playlist, You Stressin', Top Tracks: Driftin', You Stressin', Rooftops, Fickle Mind$, No Idea, Biography: A teen prodigy from the fringes of hip-hop, rapper and producer Bishop Nehru had already burned up the aliases Kelz Scott and Kile Kanvas by the time he was 15., Monthly Listeners: 122201, Where People Listen: London, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Brooklyn

April 10 -- Kate Nash at Fonda Theatre

Like simpatico songwriter Lily Allen, Kate Nash launched her career on MySpace, where her piano-driven pop songs and lyrics (delivered in a distinctive London accent) found a number of listeners.
One such listener was Lily Allen herself, who rose to fame with a similar style of pop music in 2006. The two began championing each other's music via their respective MySpace sites, and Nash soon found her own success with the platinum-selling Made of Bricks.

April 11 -- Dirty & His Fists at The Echo

Los Angeles punks DIRTY & HIS FISTS deliver a knockout four song EP on their vinyl debut, following a standout demo cassette. For the uninitiated, DIRTY & HIS FISTS have quickly become one of the best American punk bands alive, and one of the few to match powerful writing and performance with some of the best studio production out there.

April 11 -- Frankie Cosmos at The Regent

Greta Kline (born March 21, 1994), better known by her stage name Frankie Cosmos, is an American musician and singer-songwriter. She is known for her independent releases, inspired by Frank O'Hara's poetry, DIY ethics of K Records and the early 2000s New York City's anti-folk scene.[1][2] Kline is also the former bass guitarist of the band Porches.[3] She is the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.

April 11 -- Tyler, The Creator at Shrine Expo Hall

Tyler Okonma got his first taste of fame when The Los Angeles Times ran a "teen on the street"-type story on the then 16-year-old skateboarding enthusiast, who was also interested in music and fashion. In 2007 he began making music with Odd Future's core members -- Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, and Hodgy Beats -- and by the summer of 2010, their bizarre, surreal, and filthy material had earned them a loyal following. It was during that year that a video Tyler directed for the Odd Future track "French" took off, topping a million views by December and drawing attention to the slew of crew-related mixtapes that followed, including Tyler's own, Bastard. He was also signed to the XL label in 2010 for a one-album deal. When Tyler's XL album Goblin arrived in 2011, it became the first Odd Future-related product to be released through the usual music industry channels

April 11 -- St. Vincent at Orpheum Theatre

St. Vincent became one of the unexpected success stories of indie rock with the release of her second album, Actor, in 2009; the literate, emotionally intricate songs and rich, beautifully crafted pop melodies made her an immediate hit with critics, but few expected her music to cross over to mainstream acceptance.
However, St. Vincent's beguiling sounds helped Actor rise to number 90 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts, and its follow-up, Strange Mercy, confirmed her newfound stardom by debuting on Billboard at number 19 in the fall of 2011.

April 12 -- Fleet Foxes at Warner Grand Theatre

Emerging in 2008 to widespread acclaim, Seattle's Fleet Foxes fused earthy, harmony-rich indie folk with a sense of lush pop sophistication that called to mind the late-'60s work of the Beach Boys, the Zombies, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. Formed two years earlier by high school friends Robin Pecknold (lead vocals/guitar) and Skyler Skjelset (guitar, mandolin, vocals), the band's primary lineup grew to include Casey Wescott (keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Christian Wargo (bass, guitar, vocals), and Nicholas Peterson (drums, vocals). Mixing Baroque pop with elements of classic rock and British folk, the band quickly generated a healthy amount of label interest and caught the attention of local producer Phil Ek, who had previously helmed records by Built to Spill and the Shins.

April 12 -- Pvris at The Roxy

PVRIS represents the culmination of unapologetic honesty, unbridled artistic passion, and deeply held personal conviction, as evidenced by the devotion of an international fanbase who live and breathe their music. Much in the same way vocalist Lynn Gunn, guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist/keyboardist Brian MacDonald inspire and encourage their audience to explore, embrace, and celebrate their own personal identities, PVRIS creates their own musical lane.

April 12 -- Perfume Genius at The Mayan

Perfume Genius is the project of singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas, whose music spans fragile piano ballads and swaggering glam rock as he explores subjects such as sexuality, homophobia, and domestic abuse with brutal and often poetic honesty.
Growing up in Everett, Washington, Hadreas was bullied for being gay and coped by painting, writing, and listening to artists including PJ Harvey and Liz Phair.

April 12 -- KERA / Y La Bamba at Moroccan Lounge

Once self-described as "bi-polar folk," LA-based musician and raconteur KERA has established themselves as both a gifted songwriter and a compelling performer. In an industry that relies so heavily on image and brand, their decision to cut against the current and reconnect to their music in it's most primordial forms has lead to the growth from Kera and the Lesbians to simply KERA.

This change is marked by a number of creative endeavors; their debut EP / film Fall. Apart., a new single with Devendra Barnhart, and an upcoming tour with Y La Bamba. With all of these, we are gifted a series of new projects that reflect something more honest, open, wounded and powerful. What emerges is KERA.

April 12 -- Banoffee at The Echo

Unlike many other synth-based musicians, Brown didn’t rely on backing tracks, which certainly added to the magic. It also gave her more freedom to play around with melodies without being constrained to her own original recordings. Banoffee is very much a product of ‘90s era R&B; her lead single from her second EP, “With Her,” even features an unexpected tribute to Mario, which she was able to expand when played live.

April 12 -- Portugal. The Man at Fox Theater

PTM’s last album came out over three years ago—a long gap for a band who’ve dropped roughly an album a year since 2006.
And in true, prolific band fashion, they’ve spent almost every minute since 2013 working on an album called Gloomin + Doomin. They created a shit-ton of individual songs, but as a whole, none of them hung together in a way that felt right. Then John Gourley, PTM’s lead singer, made a trip home to Wasilla, Alaska, (Home of Portugal. The Man’s biggest fan, Sarah Palin) and two things happened that completely changed the album’s trajectory.

April 12 -- Marian Hill at Fonda Theatre

Marian Hill are a duo from Philadelphia consisting of singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd. Their unique sound combines sparse, minimal electronic beats with seductive vocals (which are often chopped up and manipulated) along with sultry saxophone. The duo wrote a song called "Whisky" in spring of 2013 and sent it to dozens of blogs hoping to catch some attention. The song created a buzz, and the following year, the duo released their first EP, Play, as well as a 7" single, "Lips." They received mainstream exposure when Romanian pop star Inna credited them as co-writers of her song "Diggy Down," which incorporated the hook of Marian Hill's "Got It."