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5 Safest Places To Live In The U.S.

With all the violence of the mass shootings of 2013 and recent devastating storms still fresh in our minds, the idea of having a moving company just pack us up and transport us to a safe place is very appealing. But what exactly constitutes a safer place? Crime rates? Traffic fatalities? Good weather?



Google searches will turn up a wide variety of safe places, but sometimes the same city will show up on the “safe” and “dangerous” lists at the same time! Forbes has created a composite scoring for all these factors to rate cities with over 1 million population.



The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area, Washington, is tied for 4th place. The Pacific Northwest has long been noted for its mild, cool weather. The crime rate is low, and its highest risk factor is the fact that it is on a major fault, so an earthquake is a looming possibility.



The Boston-Cambridge area, Massachusetts, ties with Seattle for 4th place. The violent crime rate is a bit higher, but the natural disaster risk is lower. As with Seattle, the intellectual stimulation of universities and cultural advantages are wonderful, and the city atmosphere teems with our nation’s early history.


Portland, Oregon-Vancouver

The Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington area is in 3rd place. These cities are joined by bridges over the picturesque Columbia River. This area has the lowest crime rate of the top 40 cities, and a natural disaster risk better than Boston. Again, you will enjoy the mild Pacific Northwest climate with its lush vegetation, including a world-class rose garden.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In second place, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area is the least prone to natural disasters, but only 24th in the violent crime category. Long known for its brewing traditions and German heritage, it also boasts a River walk and the excellent Milwaukee Art Museum. Real estate prices are very reasonable in this city on the shores of Lake Superior.


Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

The Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota – Bloomington, Wisconsin area holds first place as the safest city in the United States, although it actually comprises a total of 182 cities and townships! It is first in workplace fatality rates, and very low in the crime, traffic and natural disaster categories. Bloomington is home to the Mall of America, Minneapolis has a bustling downtown replete with skyscrapers and St. Paul is known for its old European feel and Victorian architecture. So there is something for everyone within this urban area.



Beyond the safety factor, each of these cities has its own distinctive personality and energy, so before packing up and calling the moving companies, plan a visit to the areas you are considering to see if they would be a good fit for you.