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Updated by Oliver Kenway on May 14, 2018
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Best Calisthenics & Bodyweight Full Body Workouts

Want to get ripped in time for summer? Check out these awesome workouts to make you lose fat and build an awesome physique. By Calisthenicz | Everything About Calisthenics
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Around the World - Calisthenicz

The Barstarzz team is one of the most famous calisthenics teams around the world. Here is one extremely simple but effective workout created by one of their partners, Hannibal For King:

MadBarz Routine - Calisthenicz

You just can’t stop your muscles from growing with this routine. That’s why people around the world are doing it and you should, too.

Calisthenicz Beginner Workout - Calisthenicz

The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the basics of any skill. 
“You don’t get to the highest levels of the sport without having the basics in order.”
That’s not only true for sports; it’s also true for everything else in life. Writing, speaking, selling, leading, you name it.
Without having the basics in order, you’ll never achieve your full potential.

The Best Calisthenics and Bodyweight Workouts

There’s no such thing as a perfect workout.
Each person has a different goal, a different level and an unique body. And each workout should be adapted to a person’s specific needs.
And even the best routine has to be changed from time to time, because your body will adapt after a while so you’ll need to keep adapting and improving your training in order to maintain maximum efficiency.
Here’s a list of awesome workouts that you can do, or use as inspiration to create your own personal one.

Pushup Mastery Workout - Calisthenicz

As we all know pushups mainly target your chest, but in this workout we’re adding clapping pushups and power pushups which will help you increase your explosiveness while working out.

Beginner Gym Rings Workout - Calisthenicz

Working out with gymnastic rings will make you work on areas of your body that you most likely have never even worked on before, even if you’re an experienced athlete on the bars.

Calisthenicz Beginner Workout - Calisthenicz

This workout is all about the 4 essential calisthenics moves. If you’re just starting out with calisthenics make sure you master these skills because they’ll be essential in future progressions and highter difficulty exercises.

Calisthenics Slow Motion Workout - Calisthenicz

An awesome bodyweight only workout made to take your muscles to the absolute limit!

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