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Updated by Bradley Batdorf on Mar 27, 2018
Headline for GingerHippo's cool retro pics by Rain Man
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GingerHippo's cool retro pics by Rain Man

Here are links to some cool retro pics we found while looking for inspiration for our new website at Sharing stuff like this makes me happy (Rain Man). After spending 10-12 hours a day "Burning My Eyeballs" behind a computer screen, I feel the need to nerd it up and share some of the cool stuff I've been surfing through during the day. This list is retro themed, based on pictures I'm surfing through for inspiration for a client website I'm building, along with ours. Never a dull day. I hope you enjoy my content.

The Retro Rayvolt Cruzer — A New Face On The Electric Bicycle Cafe Racer Scene | CleanTechnica

’60’s café racers and surfing beach cruisers have left an indelible mark on the psyche of a few generations, especially with The Beach Boys grooving on Fender Jaguars while riding Tritons sleekly from one end of the avenue to the other. We’re not talking about a Harley Chopper here. We’re talking about British bikes rearranged for more cafe cruising efficiency.

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Talk about a slick bike pic. This picture is classic. Amazing picture with a sunset back drop! On a Minnesota cold winter day, we dream of a warm beach, and a really gnarly sunset to catch!

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Talk about a cool retro computer keyboard. This thing is cool as $h!t. This is officially on Rain Man's list of must-haves!

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This is one super cool retro VW bus! What we wouldn't do to have one of these as our company party wagon! Imagine swinging out to the airport to pick up a VIP client or prospect in this bad boy. If they don't get the vibe, they probably aren't the right personality for GingerHippo!

Commodore 64 D64 Disk Files, Commodore Internet Gaming |

MOMMMMM!!! HANG UP THE PHONE!!! I just lost connection from my bulletin board! You can laugh all you want. I started my computer years with one of these bad boys. I remember spending an entire afternoon writing a code to say hello across the screen in a rainbow of colors. My friends were super jealous of my Commodore mojo!
The 2600 baud modem was for the beginners. I was sporting a 5200 baud modem and was king of the bulletin boards. Man was I fast! Bwow chicka bwow wow!!!