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What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats is a term many have been left rather confused with. To be honest, it sounds like a type of panel beating company, but in fact is a meditative option many seem to overlook. It is a certain type of music with a meditative effect on the brain and in fact, has been around for centuries.


The effect of binaural beats

The effect of binaural beats

Although the creation of this type of music is made possible through technological advancement over the last 100 years, the use of its science dates back well over a few centuries. The trick it possesses? The repetition of rhythmic waves in the brain which allowed for further research as to why this fascinating type of music could be considered a meditative practice. Dating back to when it all started, scientists didn’t know how it was possible for music to have such an effect on the brain, but due to modern science, they have discovered just how the rhythmic sound had both powerful and spiritual benefits.
The key to this practice is the repetition of the beats at a steady pace. This allows for a trance type of state of a steady 4.5 beats-per-second. quit smoking (with no cravings)


The meaning of ‘binaural beats’

When referring to binaural beats, most scientists define it as ‘relating to both/two ears. This definition represents a process that works by sending different sound frequencies to both ears using headphones.
Another phrase referred to as brainwave entertainment, is a process of which takes place inside the brain. It is caused by a range of physiological responses upon hearing both two tones of various frequencies, both sent at the same time to both the left and right ear. The brain creates a predicts a third tone which is based on a numeric difference between both frequencies. It uses this method to follow the predicted frequency, to produce brainwaves by using the same rate of which Hz is measured. After this process, the brain goes along with that specific frequency. This is called a ‘frequency following response’.
The ultimate effect on the brain is achieved in this manner. This type of music is created by highly qualified sound engineers which pride themselves in creating the very best in entertainment products.


The benefits of the different brainwave states of binaural beats

• Delta state – Operating between 0.1-4 Hz, the Delta state allows for deep sleep, pain relief, cortisol reduction, increased DHEA which promotes anti-aging effects, healing, and access to the unconscious mind.
• Theta state – The Theta state provides your mind and body with deep relaxation, has a meditative effect on your brain, activates your rem sleep, activates the creativity sensors in your brain and allows for a hypnopompic state.
• Alpha state – This phase helps you stay relaxed and focused, as well as reduces stress, promotes positive thinking, accelerates learning and helps you engage better with the environment.
• Beta state – Continuing at 14-30 Hz, this state allows for focussed attention, a high level of cognitive function promotes analytical thinking and problem solving, as well as stimulates your energy and activity levels.
• Gamma state – Running at 30-100 Hz, it allows for a high-level of information processing, assists with memory recalling, increases awareness and enhances cognitive function.