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Providence Home Health and Hospice LLC

Our agency has highly skilled team dedicated to reducing unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions by using aggressive symptoms management approach. Our staff has gone through background checks and are highly experienced and skilled.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Health at an Advanced Age?

Just because you are getting older it does not mean you have to let it control your life. Through some simple lifestyle changes, it is possible for you to continue living the life you want on your own terms. Even at an advanced age, it does not mean you need to slow down or stop seizing the day. With some regular exercise, improved diet, and even better sleep routine, it is possible for you to maintain your youth. The best part is that you are not alone.

Effective Tips to Maintain Your Health at an Advanced Age

As you advance through the years, you may begin noticing that the things you did not give a second thought about are slowly becoming more and more difficult to do on your own. Tasks, like using the bathroom, getting dressed, or even walking around the house, is now a challenge. However, even though aging is a normal part of life, it is possible to hold onto your health and independence for a bit longer.

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We are taking this opportunity and privilege to introduce Providence Home Health & Hospice LLC. Our agency is guided by our core values which are: respect for human dignity, compassionate care, kindness, dedication, heartfelt quality care and a commitment to achieving excellence and favorable outcomes.

The Health Benefits of Proper Sleep

One of the best things you can do for your health is to get regular and proper sleep! Even though this is a basic part of our everyday lives, it has a huge impact on our health. In fact, this impact grows larger and larger with age.

How You Can Help Your Loved Ones Prevent Bed Sores

Bed sores are common occurrences in patients who are bedridden. Also called pressure ulcers, bed sores often develop when too much pressure is being put on the skin.

Senior Care: Tips How to Achieve Quality Sleep

In the aging season, health complications can already arise, but with good health, accompanied by quality sleep, your senior loved one can have improved physical conditions.

Ways to Improve a Senior’s Eating Habits

When a senior loved one needs to follow a healthy diet, they also have to be mindful of their eating habits. One of the natural consequences of aging is a change in their palate, which can affect their overall appetite. However, this challenge can be managed with the right supervision, especially when you’re receiving assistance from providers of Health Care in Kansas.

The Road to Becoming a Home Health Aide

Do you wish to work as a home health aide in a reputable healthcare company in your area? If so, you do not only have to pass the physical tests of the institution but also their educational requirements.

Senior Health Issues That Cause Malnutrition

Do you know that your senior loved one can easily experience malnutrition? Knowing what causes them can equip you towards preventing these risks and their complications. There are many causes for senior malnutrition and as your trusted provider of Health Care in Kansas, we would like to share this piece of knowledge with you so you can be better equipped in caring for them.

Important Tips and Reminders on Post-Surgery Care

Is it your duty to take care of a patient after their surgery? If so, you do not have to worry! As the leading provider of health care in Kansas, we have listed down a few important tips and advice you can look into to help you do your job efficiently.

Elderly Care: 7 Nutrition Tips to Remember

Nutrition remains to be a major priority when we reach the aging season. We need to help ensure that our senior loved ones are observing the nutritious requirements needed at their age. If ever you need some help in preparing for them healthy meals every day, Home Health Aides are ready to assist.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp as You Age

There are many changes that the body goes through as a person ages. These changes can interfere with the performance of their daily tasks. As a result, many older adults or their families tend to choose Home Health & Hospice in Wichita, Kansas.

Improving Family and Patient Lives with Dedicated Care

Aging is an undeniable part of our lives. As much as many of us may want to stay young, fit, and active, it’s just not possible. It is possible, however, to continue living a happy and comfortable life despite aging.