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5 top attractions around Negombo – The Ideal Vacation Plan

Touching base at Sri Lanka's worldwide air terminal, you have the decision to drive south to the capital city of Colombo or Negombo. For most vacationers, Negombo is the popular decision.


Beaches in Negombo

Because of its vital location north from Colombo, the economy of this little city is constructed primarily in respect to tourism, making it an extremely available beach vacation destination. Despite the fact that it would never win in a wonder challenge against numerous Sri Lankan beaches, Negombo's shoreline; which extends north from the town along the strip before blurring into a palm-tree forest, is sufficiently charming and makes for a decent nightfall stroll. The water has unmistakable darker shading on account of estuary run-off, yet it's still safe enough to swim in. Negombo is an incredible destination for all visitors as there are possibilities for stays from basic lodgings to five-star resort inns. If you want to stay away from the bustle, you can always stay at a hotel in Wattala, for example, at the Pegasus Reef Hotel. There are all the important comforts, for example, markets, banks, and astounding eateries.


Fish market

Every morning, fishermen take their oruvas or kayaks and go out to the sea, looking for the fish for which Negombo is popular. They're a splendid sight as they come back into the Negombo Lagoon after a successful fishing trip. Fishmongers on the shoreline and the sellers at the fish close to the area are in quite a smelly place, to be honest, yet the place is well worth a visit. Negombo located is at the north point of a lagoon that is prestigious for its crabs, prawns, and lobsters. If you can wake yourself up before 6 am on a Sunday, pick up your DSLR and make your way to this fish market for some amazing photographs that will mostly have to be candid.


Hamilton Canal

The Dutch demonstrated their adoration for waterways here in Negombo and this type of a canal can be found nowhere else in the country. Waterways reach out from Negombo and run all the way to Puttalam, covering a total distance of more than 120 kilometres. You can rent a bike in Negombo from different inns and ride the channel sideways of the Hamilton Canal, getting amazing views and stopping by the little towns en route.


Dutch Fort

Near the Negombo lagoon are the vestiges of the Old Dutch fortress, which has a fine passage that dates back to the year 1678. Additionally, there is a ground by the name Esplanade, where cricket matches happen often and usually on weekends. As the grounds are presently governed by the town's jail, the only way you'll get a look inside is by trespassing, therefore, do not try it. You should be exceptionally inspired by Old Dutch engineering to go to such lengths and jail time is not worth any such fascination.


St. Mary's Church

If you are interested in paintings and want to spend a quiet evening learning of religious history, a visit to this church would be a good idea. This truly a visually stunning church.