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Updated by Robert Drury on May 25, 2018
Headline for Top tips on how to get things done, be more productive, and achieve more
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Top tips on how to get things done, be more productive, and achieve more

Tips on how to be better at everything you do, so you can be fitter, thinner, achieve more, get more done or whatever you want.

I guarantee you have more spare time than you think you do

Don’t tell me that you’ve not got any time. You do, but you’re currently spending it doing something that might feel good at the time but which ultimately isn’t adding much value to your life.

Be 10% better than you currently are – Robert Drury – Medium

10% fitter. 10% thinner. 10% more well off. 10% happier. 10% whatever you want.

4 Strategies to Produce Deep, Meaningful Work – The Mission – Medium

Deep work — top-tier results only able to be produced by long, uninterrupted periods of deep concentration — is increasingly rare in today’s economy. As such, it has become increasingly valuable…

The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

Once you start getting things done, don’t neglect quiet. It’s essential for strategic thinking.

How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7 (The Simple Technique That Gave Me My Life Back)

I had to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. I needed to optimize my work process to do more in less time.

7 Productivity Apps That Shave 10 Hours Off Your Work Week

Start living more consciously of your time and productivity so you can save your time for other, more important, things.

TED talks that can help you become more productive - Business Insider

Want to reach ultimate productivity? Some of the world's greatest thought leaders will teach you how.

The only technique to learn something new / Boing Boing

I had a friend who wanted to get better at painting. But she thought she had to be in Paris, with all the conditions right. She never made it to Paris. Now she sits in a cubicle under fluorescent lights, filling out paperwork all day.

The 21 Best Productivity Tools To Add More Hours To Your Day

If time is money, productivity is like that Apple stock you bought decades ago – it has the power to make you a very rich Scrooge McDuck.

Use Timed Intervals to Get Anything Done – Jason Dzamba – Medium

I can’t build the whole website today. There’s too much to do. Can I even do it myself? Not sure but I can commit to working on it for 60 minutes. Yeah. That’s sounds good. That’s not so bad. Let me grab my phone. Start the timer. Let’s see what happens. Here we go…

You are not who you were yesterday – Robert Drury – Medium

On average, we have between 50,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day, but most of them will be the same ones we thought the day before, the week before, the month before. It’s these repetitive thought… If you drive by only looking in the rear view mirror you are virtually guaranteed to crash.

Do you want an extra 400 hours in your life? – Robert Drury – Medium

If you had an extra 400 hours this year, what would you do with it?

Would you learn a language, whether it be Java or Mandarin? Would you read all those books you have on the shelf that you’ve never opened? Would you exercise more, develop your business idea, or just spend more time with your family?

You could do a lot in 400 hours.

  • Robert Drury has been a digital professional since 2000, specialising in project management, client services, and product management.

    He supported global brands such as Kraft Foods, Peugeot Citroen, and Lloyds Banking Group with their online presence before moving into startups.

    He was a founding team member at Ormsby Street, a small business financial information tool, before moving to Qudini to oversee the development of that firm's customer experience software product.

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