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Types of Group Fitness Classes - To Reach Goals Together

Getting in shape is an fervent desire most of us have. Exercising properly will not just give us toned bodies, but will also keep us healthy and fit. Given the busy schedules of the present day, exercising becomes an uphill climb. But if you can join a group class and workout with a few others, you will definitely find the motivation to keep going because of positive group dynamics. The article below details some of the group fitness classes that may be suitable for you.


Group classes for toned abs

A good fitness regimen is synonymous with firm abs. Toned core muscles are an essential mark of an ardent fitness enthusiast. So join a group class and start working those core muscles until you too can sport six packs! With a strong core you will not simply enjoy better shaped abs, but also great overall body strength. These group classes are not for the faint spirited! Intense workouts are included in these sessions so you will have to be prepared to push your limits, a lot! Places such as Exodus Gym which is a popular Wellington health and fitness club offer you the exhilaration of these group classes.



If you like swaying to the rhythms of pop and dancehall music and would like to shed a few extra pounds without doing any high intense workouts, join a group Zumba class and dance your calories and stress away! Zumba is quite a popular form of exercise all over the world primarily because it's a fun way of burning calories. The music will keep you cheerfully upbeat and you will never feel like skipping a class! It's a great way to enjoy good company of fellow dancers too. While a regular workout keeps your focus on aching muscles as well as on the time that will seemingly stand still, a Zumba work out will keep your attention on the music and dance moves which will make it easier for you to keep going especially if you don't consider yourself to be a serious fitness enthusiast. A couple of weeks of Zumba will give you great muscle coordination and increased agility as well.


Group yoga classes

Yoga is increasing in popularity all over the world given the benefits that this form of exercise renders to all. It's a low impact workout the aims to increase your mobility as well as flexibility. Each posture of yoga aims to give your mind and body unique benefits. With regular practicing of yoga you will achieve a beautifully sculpted body as well as the benefits of a balanced mind.


Group Pilates

Pilates is a popular exercise among novices and professionals alike. It helps to improve flexibility and posture while strengthening your core muscles too. The level of intensity of the class will often vary with the introduction and use of equipment such as resistance bands. It's a great way to look and feel your best.


Group boxing classes

Join a group boxing class and get a great cardio workout! Even if you don't exercise regularly you can join a class and learn the fundamentals of boxing. You will start off by learning the basic boxing punches and stance. You will eventually learn the advance methods of combining these with cardio workouts. The classes which last for approximately an hour, often include jump-roping and jogging too.

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