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06 Useful Tips when Travelling to Thailand with Kids - How to 'Enjoy' your Holiday

Thailand is on the list of all travellers hankering for an exotic adventure. Even travelling with kids is a breeze in this fascinating land; just read the following helpful little tips & stay updated.


Book a Direct Flight to Thailand

Transit is not pleasant when you are a family with young kids; a long haul flight with transit maybe much cheaper, but it will cost more in terms of sanity. Many families with young children find enduring long hours of transit quite a tedious task, sitting in an airport is not interesting for young kids. Here's where splurging on your air travel is going to pay-off, book that direct flight to Bangkok and enjoy the sheer bliss of flying straight to Thailand; with no stops in any airports in between.


Time Your Arrival

It may seem odd, but do consider timing your arrival in Thailand to coincide with your kid's bedtime. Try and book a flight which arrives just before or at your children's bedtime. Arriving in the country at 2 am may seem a bad move as your kids will already be cranky and missing their bedtime. As such, time your arrival and enjoy hitting the hotel in time to put your tuckered out kids to sleep. Stylish Bangkok city hotels are pretty comfortable, and parents will love relaxing in one, especially after a long-haul flight, once the kids have gone to bed. Choose one which is close to the airport like AVANI Atrium Bangkok, located just 40 minutes from the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).


Make the First Day A Relaxed One

When travelling with kids to Bangkok, you can't start exploring the sites immediately. Avoid iconic attractions such as; the Grand Palace on your first day, the crowded precincts of this very popular site, may not be conducive to kids, just after a long flight. Forcing them to hit the sites on day one is a recipe for a major tantrum, right there at one of Thailand's most prominent temples. You could opt to stay in your Bangkok, hotel, hit the pool, relax over a meal and plan a leisurely scout of the neighbourhood once the outside is cooler and kids are more rested.


Give your Kids a Few Days to Adjust to the Tropical Climate and Temperature

The warm balmy temperatures of Thailand take some time getting used to, especially for kids. Make sure you give them a day or two to adjust to the climate before setting off on walking expeditions. Or any type of day's excursion.


Plan One Big Activity Per Day

Plan one big activity for the day; make it in the morning hours as this is when kids are fresh and geared to go. Keep the afternoons free to relax, while the evenings can be spent enjoying some laid back entertainment or exploring the nearest street food precinct.


Take a Stroller for Your Toddler

If you are travelling with a toddler, do take along a collapsible umbrella stroller. It will prove to be an invaluable partner in your daily scouts, allowing your little one to sit comfortably in the shade and snooze whenever the need takes over.