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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for An Essential Packing List for the Surfer Woman Visiting Sri Lanka – Preparing for Fun on the Waves
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An Essential Packing List for the Surfer Woman Visiting Sri Lanka – Preparing for Fun on the Waves

Sri Lanka is a mere drop in the Indian Ocean but is an island that delivers quite a punch in terms of splendour. It's a surfer's paradise & every sun craving, wave hopping woman's dream destination!


Pack Enough Sun Protection

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, which offers sun all year round, the only two seasons are the rainy and dry seasons; although it rarely rains all day and the sun is never lost. Surfers out at sea, are exposed to direct sunlight, and sunburns can be quite severe in this part of the tropics, hence, make sure you pack plenty of your favourite sunscreen with an SPF factor of over 30 or 50.


Board Rash Protection

There will be endless days of sunshine, once you hit the island, and you are going to be spending all day at sea, it's quite irresistible! Apart from all the fun you will be having, chasing the perfect break, make sure that board rash and chaffing of skin does not cause a damper to the holiday. Take along plenty of board rash prevention, whether it's protective gear or an ointment, make sure you are well equipped to handle the chaffing, rashes and abrasions which come from prolonged contact with the surfboards wax, sand and sun.


Reef Protection Gear is a Must

Some areas in Sri Lanka offer the best surfing around shallow reefs, and crashing into one is no fun. A protective suit to wear in these areas will prevent any scrapes, jellyfish stings and bumps from occurring. However, if you are surfing around AVANI Kalutara Resort, chances of running into reefs are low, and as Sri Lanka is a naturally tropical country, the Indian Ocean surrounding the island is warm and inviting. Hence, you will be able to surf with minimal gear be it in Kalutara or other such coastal areas. When not chasing the perfect break, there are plenty of things to do in Kalutara, even if you are a woman travelling alone.


Take Along Board Wax

If you are used to a certain brand of board wax, take enough stock of it along, such items may not be freely available across the island; especially if you are going to be surfing in a lot of remote locations. There are no specialised surf shops in the country, you will find water sporting stores in the commercial capital, and surf schools in Kalutara and other coastal destinations, most of these are kiosks located on the beach; as such, there is no variety in brand and surfing equipment.


A Few Pieces of Modest Attire

As a surfer woman, visiting a tropical island, you would most probably be taking along plenty of shorts and t-shirts; but do keep in mind that Sri Lanka offers a rich heritage in terms of Buddhist relics, and in the backwoods of many surfing villages are rustic little temples and shrines; you will love visiting as part of your island adventures. These places require visitors to dress conservatively, as such, a shawl and long skirt or cotton pants will be very handy.