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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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05 Reasons to add Seychelles to Your Travel Bucket List – More than an Exotic Beach Destination

When considering a holiday by the beach, Seychelles must not be overlooked. Much more than mere sun, sand and surf, the destination will mesmerize and woo you with exotic attractions.


The Beaches – Of Course!

It's an archipelago folks! And not just any old archipelago, Seychelles is a collection of islands which can easily boast some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches, glistening turquoise blue waters and lush mountains framing the interiors. Yes, it is truly paradise, home to beaches strewn with granite boulders and swaying palms which invite you to forget all cares and spend long lazy days, chilling under the warmth of a tropical sun. So, go ahead, find yourself a Seychelles beach resort which hugs the sandy coastline of one of the most popular islands, and you can cross off a visit to paradise on your bucket list.


Escape into the Jungle Mountains

The islands of Seychelles are not just popular for their gorgeous beaches; they are framed by some of the most beautiful mountainous jungles, home to exotic creatures and indigenous flora that epitomises the allure of tropical foliage. The mountains are not volcanic, they are granite, adding to the magical appeal of the place; imagine huge granite boulders of various hues, covered with giant palms offering stunning views across the archipelago, hooked? Go ahead and book that beach holiday, there are plenty of Seychelles hotels waiting for you. The largest is Mahe Island; home to AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa, this island is the most stunning, boasting huge granite mountains, breath-taking views, palm covered boulders and jungle foliage adding enchantment to the entire island.


The Wildlife and Flora is Pretty Cool

Seychelles was not always inhabited by humans, for many centuries, the wildlife ruled, and are still an integral part of the archipelago's beauty. Seychelles is after all home to some of the world's most unique flora and fauna. There you will come across the giant Aldabra tortoise, one of the largest in the world and native to Seychelles. Head over to the islands of Cousin and Curieuse and you will spot these slow-moving giants, wandering around quite freely. Even Mahe and Praslin offer tourists a chance to get a closer view of these tortoises in enclosed surroundings. Foliage unique to the archipelago is the huge Coco de Mer Palm, which is famous for producing the world's largest and heaviest seed nut. To see these giant palms head over to the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin Island.


The Infrastructure is Pretty Impressive

As tourism is one of the country's main economies and the nation welcomes a large number of independent travellers and cruise ship passengers, the infrastructure is very cosmopolitan. The roads are well paved and just about everyone speaks English, hence travelling is pretty convenient, even if you are touring the islands alone.


The Food is Awesome

As is the norm, island cuisine in Seychelles is as expected; tropical delights to tempt the taste-buds. Look forward to succulent seafood and Creole dishes, which promise to be fresh, delicious and totally irresistible.