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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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DIY Stuff with Your Household Items – Handy Hints for the Home

There are plenty of DIY projects which even the most unskilled of hopefuls can master. Best of all these ideas utilise the simplest of items which are easily available at the nearest supermarket.


Make an Okra Flower Stamp

Simple is an understatement to this very easy stamp you can make – with a vegetable! So, the next time you are ordering household items online, add in a batch of okra, also called 'ladies fingers'. Making the print from this vegetable is simple, just cut the piece along three-quarter of the length, and dip the open flower shape, which emerges once cut, in paint or ink, and print the design on paper, like you would a stamp.


Change the Layout of Your Foyer With a Rope

This craft requires no creative skill really but is an absolute gem for adding the perfect nautical touch to your foyer. Start off by placing a picture of sail ship, or similar, oceanic image, above a sideboard. On the sideboard, you can place about 2 fish bowls. Get yourself a thick bleached white rope, and drop this into the fishbowl, placed underneath the nautical picture and you have the perfect mariner theme, to complement the mood. If you are using more than one glass bowl, fill them with ropes of varied thickness; a maximum of three or two, various sized glass bowls are the recommended number for creating a simple statement.


Turn Plastic Magnet Letters Into a Fancy Bulletin Board

Don't throw away those old magnetic plastic letters, instead, get yourself a can of gold spray paint, and give those old letters a liberal coat. Once dry you will have a very chic and fancy looking set of letter magnets for your fridge.


iPad Holder from a Chopping Board

If you are the type to order groceries from Keells Super online, chances are your iPad will be hanging around the kitchen most of the time. Create the perfect iPad holder for your kitchen, with the aid of a scrabble tile holder and believe it or not, an old chopping board! Just glue the tile holder to the bottom of the chopping board and you have a holder for the iPad. Get yourself a triangular block of wood and glue it to the back of the board to make it stand upright. This stand is perfect for propping up your tablet, especially when following a recipe.


Make a Cute Toilet Paper Roll Crown

All you need for this one is a used toilette paper roll. Simply cut out pointy triangle edges on the top, paint it in gold and add some glitter, rhinestones on the tips and you have a very stately, royal crown for a very happy young girl, or boy.


Use Buttons to Make Colourful Thumbtacks

Are you the kind of mom, who has a bulletin board for sticking up important notices? Then this very easy craft will add some colour and cuteness to your bulletin board. Get yourself a few medium sized buttons, with designs and colours and glue these onto the head of the thumbtacks, voila! You now have a set of unique and snazzy looking thumbtacks to brighten up the bulletin board.