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Designer T-Shirt Online

Baefikre provides designer and printed t-shirts for men and women.

Shop Star Wars T-Shirt Online in India

Baefikre provides online shopping option India to buy star wars t-shirts in India. E-commerce portal of Baefikre allows users to choose their favorite t-shirt design according to their choice. Buy Star wars t-shirts from Baefikre at very affordable price.

Buy Captain America Shield T-Shirt Online

If you are a fan of marvel series, then Baefikre offers captain America shield t-shirts online in India at very affordable price. Buy your captain America shield printed t-shirt online today.

Game of Thrones Printed T-Shirts Online in India

If you are love to wear printed t-shirts, then Baefikre offers a huge range of printed t-shirts online. Game of Thrones T-shirts are available for men and women both at Baefikre e-commerce portal.

Shop for Latest Designer and Cool T-Shirts Online

Looking for cool, funky and designer t-shirts online, then Baefikre offers a huge range of printed and graphic t-shirts online, those give you a super cool look and you can choose a custom t-shirts and also design and colours according to your choice.

Buy Cool and Crazy T-Shirts Online from Baefikre

Baefikre offers a huge collection of cool t-shirts online for men and women. To makeover your wardrobe buy crazy men t-shirts online from Baefikre e-commerce portal. You can choose cool t-shirts for men and women according to your colour choice at affordable price.

Look Always cool with Designer Women crop Tops

Keep it always stylish and fancy with printed and graphic women crop tops. Now designer crop tops are trending and anyone can buy girls crop tops online. Baefikre offers a huge range of stylish crop tops for women online.

Buy printed t-shirts for men of Marvel Collection

If you are a fan of Marvel series and superheroes, then Baefirke offers a huge range of printed t-shirts for Men of marvel collection. Buy t-shirts online in India at Baefikre to fulfill all of your fashion need.

Look Stylish with Men Graphic T-shirts Online in India

If you want to carry style then men graphic t-shirts are the best option to looks stylish. Baefikre offers graphic t-shirts online in India at very affordable price in India.

Designer Crop Tops- Latest fashion Trend

To look trendy this season, pick out your favorite designer crop Tops in the shade of green or bright yellow because bold and vibrant colours are all the buzz now.

Buy Casual T-Shirt dresses for Women Online at Baefikre

Baefikre offers a new collection of t-shirts dresses for girls. If you are a sports fan or a movie lover, all your need of graphic t-shirt dresses for women get fulfilled at Baefikre online store. Check out our latest collection online.

Shop Graphic T-Shirts online and Express your Style

Check out latest premium collection of graphic t-shirts online at Baefikre. Express your style in different way with graphic t-shirts. A quote print on the t-shirt or superhero graphic t-shirts or a sport print t-shirt, all available at one spot, Baefikre’s online store.

Makeover your iPhone with Designer iPhone covers

Designer iPhone Covers for your iPhone may be all the buzz now, but they were initially launched to give some extra protection and padding to your phone to prevent any unfortunate accidental shattering. iPhone Covers completely change the look of the phone in a matter of seconds.

Different Ways to Wear T-Shirts for Men

As you can see, there different way of wearing t-shirts for men. It depends on individual taste and what kind of occasion you are going to. Try these innovative tips to give your t-shirts a new stylish twist!

How did the T-Shirts Come into Being?

Before t-shirts for men and women became a universal affair, they first started as undergarments for men. However, what was once a piece of undergarments meant to be worn inside other shirts transgressed all fashion boundaries and became one of the most recognized clothing articles.


The origin story of the T-Shirt for Men

The origin story of the T-Shirt for Men

Be it the universe or the Apple phone in your hand, everything has an origin story. Hence, it is only appropriate that the most ubiquitous piece of clothing also has its own birth story. Since its origin, t-shirts have reserved the throne of the most pervasive clothing. Not only is it unisex, but also can be worn in a wide range of occasions. So, what is the origin story of the t-shirt and how did it become so famous among both the genders?

Before t-shirts for men and women became a universal affair, they first started as undergarments for men. However, what was once a piece of undergarments meant to be worn inside other shirts transgressed all fashion boundaries and became one of the most recognized clothing articles. Today, designer t-shirts are available in all shades and sizes. From band t-shirts to graphic t-shirts, there is an option for everyone.

Although a new addition to men’s and women’s wardrobe, they have quickly secured the favorite spot. T-shirts are thought to have descended from what was known as the “union suit”. The garment was mostly worn by the working class and had buttons in the front. A prototype of the present day t-shirt was launched in 1904 by the Cooper Underwear Company and was marketed for their ease of use and overall efficiency. They were dubbed as “bachelor undershirts”.

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Buy Men’s Crazy T-Shirts Online at Baefikre

If you are a lover of graphic t-shirts, then Baefikre offers a huge and premium collection of printed men’s crazy t-shirts online. These cool and crazy t-shirts explore your style. enter link description here

Designer Women Crop Tops to Explore your Style

Crop tops for girls is unique piece of clothing of modern age. Baefikre offers designer women crop tops to look cool and more beautiful. Buy these crop tops at Baefikre’s online store and explore funky style with designer and graphic crop tops for girls.

Article Directory USA :: How to Ace the Graphic T-Shirt Look

Graphic t-shirts have effortlessly slipped in to become a part of every man’s wardrobe essentials and for good reason too. However, to make sure you strike a good impression and wear it the right way, you need to wear your graphic t-shirt in a manner that works for you.

Fashion Tips for Men to Boost Confidence

The effect of clothing is not only limited to the others but affect our own perception. If you are dressed in neat and ironed Men’s T-Shirts, you are sure to exude more confidence than if you were dressed in loose and ill-fitted clothing.

Explore style with Cool T-Shirts for Men Online at Baefikre

Baefikre offers a premium collection of graphic and cool t-shirts for men online and anyone can choose design according to their choice. Look more fashionable and stylish with these graphic and designer cool t-shirts for men and women.

Style Tips for Men with Graphic T-Shirts for Men

Yes, we know t-shirt is one piece of clothing every man owns and that too in bulk. Nothing spells casual more than t-shirts. There are many styles to choose from. You can go in for graphic t-shirts for men, solid one-color t-shirts, striped tees or polo t-shirts, whatever captures your fancy.


Different Types of Food to Manage Diabetes

Different Types of Food to Manage Diabetes

Either you know someone who has diabetes or you have diabetes yourself. That’s how common this condition has become and it is only increasing. This disease makes the body’s capability of managing glucose and insulin levels in the blood difficult so ultimately it is left up to you to manage your blood sugar levels. An experienced dietitian for diabetes management knows that dietary choices play a vital role in managing and preventing type 2 diabetes. There are certain kinds of foods you can consume to keep your diabetes in check. Here are a few of them-

Opt for Foods that Contain Good Carbohydrates-

The carbohydrates you find in soda, cakes and cookies are very different from the ones you find in fresh vegetables and fruits. This is because cakes and cookies contain more sugar. Whether the food items are whole or not, grains are still refined and processed.

Eating the Right Kind of Oils-

Having a fair share of the right kind of oils in your body is crucial if you want to encourage healthy insulin action. Stay away from certain types of vegetable oils such as soybean, canola and corn. They are pro-inflammatory and highly processed oils. Rather than these, stick to coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil.

Consuming Healthy Fat is Imperative-

Everyone needs a certain amount of fat in their body but for those individuals with blood sugar issues or diabetes, healthy fat is immensely vital. Consuming fewer carbohydrates is easy when you pair it with fat. This is because it satisfies your hunger in a more productive manner.

Fat acts like a shield for carbohydrates and minimizes your insulin requirement. Munching on healthy fat that is present in cheese, olives, avocados, butter, coconut oil, heavy cream, coconut milk, coconut cream, nuts and seeds moderately works wonders.

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How to Dress up Women Crop Tops in Chic ways

There are some trends that hit the fashion world and live on to become classics. Crop tops have the potential to do just this. These pieces of clothing are versatile, fresh and easy to wear. you do not have to be skinny or have a super flat tummy to pull off designer crop tops. Anyone can look fabulous in this style, no matter what your shape or size.

How do you Put on an Amazing iPhone Cover?

iPhone cover protects your investment and at the same time give your device an individualistic look and feel. So now that you know how to fix them onto your phone, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put on an iPhone cover for your device right away. You can find a wide variety of iPhone cases that come in various styles, patterns and colors.

Range of stylish T-shirt Dresses for women

You can choose your style of t-shirt dresses online, at dedicated fashion sites that offer these dresses in different colors, styles, shapes, and textures. Nothing compares to the comfort of an ideal summer dressing better than this simple piece of clothing.