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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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7 Things you need to know before Travelling to Thailand - History is no more a Mystery!

Thailand is a wonderful country with so much to explore all around, let's look at the top tips to know before travelling to this wonderful country.


Always google what your taxi driver says

It's generally better to always double check if your taxi driver tells you that an attraction is closed for the day, this is a common occurrence that happens so that they may try to persuade you to travel to a different attraction where they get a commission from. The internet comes in handy here as such information is readily available online.


Beer and Water confusion

Most of the popular beer brands in Thailand also make bottled water and this leads to a whole lot of confusion. For example, if you order a "Chang" or "Singha", the waiter would reply with a "Chang beer?" to clarify your order. You can simply make this much easier by ordering "Singha beer" or "Chang water" right from the start.


Moderate Clothing

One important thing to note is to dress a little conservatively when visiting any and all temples, monasteries, wat, palaces etc. That is to make sure you cover your elbows and knees. In order to not miss out on any interesting and significant place that you stumble upon, make sure you carry a light jacket or cover up with you, so as to always be prepared.


Tuks for the day and Taxis for the night

This is a neat and great little tip to remember. While taxis are more comfortable, tuk-tuks offer a greater view of the city while you ride. If you visit Patpong road at night, which is Bangkok's alternative to a red light district, ask your taxi to pick you back up at a precise time. This will prevent you from having to compete with all the other drunk people trying to hail a taxi back to their hotel.


Lines mostly don't exist

An interesting thing to note in most places is that lines rarely ever exist as people don't generally stand in them. Most people in Thailand generally form a crowd, so prepare to stand your ground and get used to lower personal space. If you're looking for a comfortable hotel in Khon Kaen, there'll be so many to choose from like the AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre for instance.


Try to learn a few Thai words

While most people in Bangkok speak English, it's always a little helpful to learn a few key phrases or words to help you get about the country.It's definitely going to become very convenient to you in other areas as well, such as bargaining in the various markets.


Carry Tissues and Sanitizer

If the concept of using an air dryer or a spray hose with the toilet is a little uncomfortable for you, you best carry some tissues and hand sanitizer with you. Another thing to note is that while most places have western "sitting toilets", you'll also come across the traditional "squatting toilet."