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Best Hair Transplant in India - Common Question & Answer

Hair Transplant Treatment and Solution Queries & Answer provided by Expert with Certified Surgeon Dr Anil Garg & Dr Seema Garg. Choose best hair transplant in India treatment, with reasonable Cost.

Hair transplant is a good option for the following persons -

1) Androgenetic alopecia with Norwood grade iv or above.

2) patients with anterior hairline receding at an early age and because of that, they are losing their confidence.

3) A profession of the person is such that it demands good hair eg. Actors (Salman Khan is a very popular example of the hair transplant result.)

4) Females with a severe degree of hair loss.

5) Scar bearing area of the face for eg cleft lip scar.

In all these cases hair transplant can be done and it gives good
result in the hands of a best hair transplant surgeons of India, so choose a reliable clinic for best hair transplant in India.

It is the most common query for the patients who are wondering that whether there is a pain involve in during the surgery or not.

Generally, hair transplantation should not be painful. The initial anesthesia can cause minimal discomfort but after that no pain will feel by the patient.

A hair transplant is performed while the patient is under local anethesia.

Pain factor is the common concern for every people who want their hair transplantation. So the truth is hair transplant is not involves any pain at all.

A hair transplant is a procedure for removing healthy hair from a donor area and grafting it into an area that has thinning hair or no hair. Due to many advance techniques and day to day improvements happens in the procedure which become no pain for patients.

A local anesthetic will be given prior to the procedure and once the anesthetic starts to numb the skin, it should eliminate the patient from feeling anything throughout the procedure.

Hair loss is a big concern not just only for adults but also for teenagers.

As a doctor I must advice that one should compromise on the quality of the service when undergoing hair transplantation.

Today hair transplant treatment is available at small clinics. And many experts who perform these procedures are not either medical professionals or qualified doctors.

You can find Best Hair transplant consultation in India by searching for their qualifications, training level and results they are giving.

Rejuvenate hair transplant centre is one of the best hair transplant clinics in India where ABHRS certified doctors are treating the alopecia and doing hair transplant surgery.

In India, world level Hair transplant consultant are available who are providing best results.

Hair transplant is done for the coverage of the bald area in androgenetic alopecia.

By doing the hair transplant, hair growth of existing hair follicles cannot be promoted. It needs USFDA approved medicines (minoxidil 5% and finasteride) along with Food supplements and lifestyle modifications.

Dr Anil K Garg of Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Centre visited Bhopal every month to give his expert opinion to the patients at the Lack city hospital Bhopal. You can contact him for beard hair transplant in Bhopal. It is done routinely at Rejuvenate hair transplant centre.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and it is the surgeon who is the most important for the success of the surgery. Usually, Surgeon makes the planning according to the need of the person which a robot cannot do.

Robotic surgery is not a very good option. It is done at various centres abroad but is at the initial level. In India, there is only one or two ARTAS system (robotic).

Results of a well-qualified hair transplant surgeon are much better than the fully automated robot.

For attracting patients some centres use the term Robotic for the suction assisted semi-automatic machine also. These machines are operated by the surgeons.

I have undergone hair transplant at rejuvenate hair transplant centre, Indore, India. It is one of the best centre for hair transplant in India with reasonable cost.

Our Cost of hair transplant in India was 40 rs each graft. The technique used was FUE, Donor was scalps as well as beard. 4590 grafts were implanted in 2 days.

The best part is the doctors at Rejuvenate hair transplant centre are equally qualified in FUT, FUE and BHT. Cost of hair transplant per graft is same for any of the technique. They plan according to the need of the patient and availability of the donor's hair, so maximum utilization of the donor's hair to cover the bald area with good density.

According to the govt. of India, Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure and they take GST of 18 % on this procedure so we cannot claim it in health insurance.

We advise you to pay GST on the hair transplant and take Bill/Receipt of the amount paid by you.

This will help you to claim in court if anything wrong happens to you or you did not get the hair transplant result which was told to you by hair transplant surgeon.

You can get your hair transplant procedure by the EMI Option, which is available at many of the good hair transplant centres in India.

FUE hair transplant is a very popular surgery because it does not involve scalpels or sutures and leaves no linear scar. Patients recover faster with less discomfort and can get back to normal activities sooner.

To increase the hair density you have to know the cause of hair loss. Hair loss due to lack of nutrition or stress. It can be reversed through proper diet, vitamins, and sufficient sleep. And there are many different causes and respective treatments in between. Thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, scarring alopecia, etc are all varying causes of hair.

For the Cost of hair transplant in India at one of the Best Hair transplant centres, usually starts from 60000 Rs and can reach up to 2.5 lac Rs. For multiple sessions charges may be even more.

  • Expectation of person going for hair transplant, If he needs more density than he may require more sittings which in turn increase the cost of hair transplant.

We consider Rejuvenate hair transplant centre as one of the best hair transplant clinic in India. You will get cost effective Hair transplant with 100% guarantee of result.

Choosing the right path can be a hard choice but it will be a solution that last long in your life.

A hair transplant is one of the best methods you can use for fixing a hair loss problem.

It is a cost effective surgical procedure which provide best result to your appearance as well as outfit.

Here are top 4 reasons why you should consider a hair transplant and why it’s worth

1. Hair transplant give you natural looking hair

Due to advance modern hair restoration process it provide you a natural look with leaving no scar on the scalp. No person can judge that you had gone for hair transplantation. Your hair will be so natural that you can wash, comb, colour without fear of losing it.

2. Hair transplant produce permanent results

A hair transplant is meant to be a long-term solution to hair loss. Many people do use different types of remedies, use creams and shampoo to get rid of hair loss problem but it doesn’t provide a best result as a hair transplantation method can.

3. Hair transplant have no adverse side effects

Unlike some prescribed medications for hair loss, hair transplants do not have any harmful side effects. It is completely safe and cause no harm to your body and vital organs.

4. You will save money on shampoos and creams

Specially medicated shampoos can be very expensive over time. While the long term use is good for your hair loss issue, it is not good for your wallet. The amount spent on medicated shampoos can be very costly.

Nowadays, Hair issue is a major concern for everyone. India is one of the country where cost is low among other countries. Finding the best hair transplant India is one of the major concern today.

Don’t get trap to such hair transplant clinic who lure their patients by offering low cost. You should need to know why you should not choose cheap hair transplant clinic.

Choosing the best clinic for hair transplant is quite a big decision because it involves your appearance as well as your money.

I don’t believe in the best clinic, I just believe in good hair surgeon. On the on the internet, there is much misleading information you will found and many claims that they are the ‘best clinic in the country’.

I usually advice to patients that before visiting any clinic just research about the best hair transplant surgeon. Then visit their clinic and take proper information about the surgeon and clinic.

Check their team, staff and facilities given by the clinic. Most important that the hair surgeon must be a member of the different organisation like ABHRS, ISHRS and many other.

Many websites have a results section showing you a verity of hair transplant and other hair restoration results.

This will allow you to see what kind of results you can expect from your chosen clinic. If you can’t find any case studies online for that clinic, you can always ask them during the consultation.

I personally believe that getting anywhere your hair transplant in India is a much safer than other countries.

Today many people from abroad choose India to get a hair transplant because it is will cheaper than other countries and provide guaranteed results.

Modern hair transplantation is completely natural and undetectable. It really changes the appearance of a loss of identity.

I must advise that before choosing any hair transplant clinic or surgeons do a good research about them.

A good hair transplant surgeon always stay up-to-date on the latest treatments and be prepared to help patients who is falling on the low-cost treatment scams?

Before you are reaching to your hair restoration goals you must have to check that whether a surgeon is having a high-level training or not. The surgeon must have a certification from ABSHRS, ISHRS. And also have a reputation in the market and must have several years of experience in this field.

I think that the best hair restoration clinic in the world will not only have one of the most advanced doctors, but must meet several requirements like the best medical team they have, provide the best facility with advanced tools by providing cost effective prices to patients.

If I talk about India, then I must say that nowadays India is becoming one of the hottest and cost-effective places for best hair transplant in India. Here doctors are well qualified and provide best results without any side effect.

Yes, woman are also a good candidate for hair transplant.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, the best thing is to do first by visiting your hair loss expert.

A hair specialist can unable to diagnose an underlying cause for your hair loss.

Although hair thinning in women is often caused by female pattern hair loss, it can also be a result of hormonal changes, thyroid problems or nutritional deficiencies, so it is important to get checked out before proceeding for hair transplant.

If your hair loss cannot be treated by treating an underlying cause, then you have to go for hair transplantation.

You need to know that men and women lose hair in very different ways.

Men tend to lose their hair first at the hairline, which begins to fall, and then at the end begin as crown. The hair at the back and sides of the head usually remains stable, providing a perfect donor area for hair transplant.

In women, hair loss tends to be more diffuse, beginning with thinning at the center part of the hair, and spreading out across the back and sides of the head.

Hair Transplantation is the only way to restore hair in areas that you have lost their hair follicles completely.

Nowadays, India is rapidly growing and becoming the best destination for hair transplant in India.

If you go with FUE technique, then not even a single family member or friend can detect that you have gone through any hair transplant.

I believe that hair transplant is cost-effective but not as expensive as many people think about it. Just look at your past you will find that you had already spent lots of money on different alternative treatments to cure baldness, but failed at last.

A hair transplant is a very safe procedure in which a hair surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head.

The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head. This medical procedure involves puncturing the scalp, numbness, and mild anaesthesia.

If we talk about the potential side effect or complication then there are minor points below.

  1. Many people face minimal pain or a headache usually after the procedure. It happens due to the heaviness of anaesthesia.

  2. Some people find itching commonly because it is a sign of healing as your body adjusts to the new follicles. It last only for few days after hair transplantation.

Patients soon feel comfortable when he/she going out after this timeframe.

Hair growth is usually seen within six to nine months.

I must advise you before proceeding for hair transplant must check the doctor qualification and the background of the clinic through checking review and success rate.

Nowadays, India is one of the hottest places for hair transplant solution because it is very cost effective compared to other countries. Finding the best hair transplant in India is still a challenging process.

You also need to know why not to choose cheap hair transplant.