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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Travel Tips when Visiting Malaysia for Your next Vacation - Food for Thought!

Malaysia is a truly wonderful place to check out for all its offering, but let's look at some travel tips to know before you visit the country.


Fair Taxi Prices

Taxis in Malaysia rank amongst some of the most inconvenient in the world, the reason behind this being the fact is that most taxi owners charge according to their whim. It is always advised for tourists to insist on the usage of a meter or to agree on a price before the ride. Another great alternative is to use public transport which is efficient but takes more time. Since the introduction of taxi apps, things have become easier to handle with services from companies like Easy Taxi or My Teksi being generally well accepted.


It's always Milo time

The world famous cocoa and malt beverage Milo has dominated the Malaysian market ever since the 1950's. Malaysia is currently the world's largest consumer of the brand. It is also home to the largest Milo factory in the world. If you want to try the drink, it can be found almost everywhere, even served on the menu of franchises like KFC or McDonalds. Milo can be enjoyed both iced and hot. A variation to look out for is the Milo Godzilla which is a Milo drink served with ice cream, whipped cream and a heaping spoon of powdered Milo to top it all off. If you're on the look you for a Sepang hotel, you'll find many in the region, such as the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort for example.


The word "bacon" is used loosely

Malaysia is considered as one of the world's most Muslim friendly holiday destinations, in relative to the Singapore based Muslim travel consultancy Crescent rating. The major criteria for the survey being the availability of halal-compliant food. As such most places in the country do not serve pork and bacon. However, you will come across alternative options like chicken, turkey or beef bacon offered in many places. If you're definitely having a craving for pork, you might find some pork dishes in select Chinese-run establishments.


Greatest Guinness outside Ireland

For five consecutive years, the country has won the highly coveted Guinness League of Excellence Award for brewing the most velvety Irish stout outside of its home country in Ireland.


Plants and animals like it here, too

Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the world that uses the term megadiverse. It holds 20% of the world's animal species within its rich ecosystems. This natural biodiversity places it along the lines of Brazil. In comparison, the Amazon rainforest is only 55 million years old while Malaysia's Taman Negara is around 130 million years old and is considered to be the world's oldest. Throughout the reserves and national parks, you'll find a whole array of fantastic beasts like wild elephants, tigers, and orangutans as well. If diving is something you like, check out the waters around Sipadan which covers some of the world's best dive sites. Another important highlight here is the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldii also known as the corpse flower which can be seen on the Malaysian Borneo.