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The Iconic Dishes of Brisbane - The Best Food in Town!

Brisbane, Queensland's capital is a big, bustling city that has become a melting pot of culture. These iconic dishes are perfect examples of the wonderful blend of culture in good old "Brissie".


Kentucky Fried Duck

If you ever get tired of eating fried chicken in Kentucky style, try the duck version while in Brisbane at the Public located along George Street. Seasoned with a secret mix of spices and deep fried to perfection until the skin is crispy and the inside juicy and tender, KFD is served in little paper bags. For a terrifying period, the owners decided to take off the beloved KFD off the menu and all hell broke loose and Brisbanians revolted against this great injustice. Thankfully, the owners returned the beloved food to the menu and all became well, and everybody lived happily ever after.


Curds and Whey Ice-Cream

We've all heard of the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds eating and whey..." and wondered what on earth was curds and whey. Well, if you head over to Esquire and Esq situated along Eagle Street you can try out their delicious Curd and Whey ice cream that's bitter-sweet explosion of flavour bringing memories of childhood's sweetest moments. Just be careful of that spider though! LOL in addition to this unique ice cream, Esquire, and Esq, also serves up a range of other desserts such as the Campari sherbet and orange sorbet.


Potato Gnocchi, Pork and Fennel Sausage, Black Truffle Tapenade

Coming all the way from Italy is this mouth-watering dish that's best to be had on your cheat days as "healthy" is not a word to be associated with it. However, if you're here for a good time and not a long time, then indulge yourself in this tantalizing dish that can be found at the 1889 Enoteca along Logan Road in Woolloongabba. The hearty potato gnocchi comes with meaty pork and fennel sausages on the side, complemented by a generous helping of the luscious black truffle tapenade.


Sand Crab Lasagne

Who doesn't love lasagne? This timeless Italian classic gets an amazing seafood twist in Brisbane at the Il Centro where it has been served for over two decades since being invented in 1989 by then chef Gillian Hirst. Head over to Il Centro at the Eagle Street Pier that's conveniently located within easy walking distance to hotels in Brisbane City Centre the likes of Oaks Lexicon Apartments.


The Bombe

When it comes to desserts in Brisbane, this has got to be the bomb! The Bombe at Stokehouse on Sidon Street is literally a piece of heaven in your mouth, designed in such a way that it's wonderfully crunchy at the first bite yet exquisitely melts at the touch of your tongue...Inspired by the cheese cubes on toothpicks that you've had at cocktail parties, The Bombe combines together three elements of a strawberry sorbet, white parfait, and a gloriously toasted meringue.


Sashimi Tacos

One bite of this and you'll be transported to Japan and Mexico at the same time! Combining the best of Mexican and Japanese cuisine, these sashimi tacos at Sake on Eagle Street, come with crispy tacos encasing juicy pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi drizzled with a zesty tomato salsa. What's more, these tacos are also served with a feisty shot of Kozaemon Junmai sake!

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