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Updated by Sandra Wright on Sep 19, 2019
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26 Link Building Strategies That Will Earn You High Quality Links

Link building is vital in achieving good search engine rankings. . However, building high quality backlinks is a lot of hard work. In this list, i will list 25 different SEO link building tactics that you can use to build high quality links for your website



Skyscraper Blogging and Link Outreach

Skyscraper Blogging and Link Outreach

Identify the very best content in your industry that has tons of referring links and high authority, write something better, then reach out to webmasters who had linked to the original article and ask them to link to your resource


Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Look for high authority websites (such Inc, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post ) to write content for


Moving Man Technique

Moving Man Technique

Find sites or resources that have changed names, shut down, or moved and reach out to them informing them that the resource no longer exists, then offer them an alternative link to a resource on your blog


Blogger Outreach for Links

Blogger Outreach for Links

Ask bloggers in your field for links. Get a list of blog owners in your field and ask them to link to your website.


Link Building Through Co-Marketing

Link Building Through Co-Marketing

Cooperate with other website owners to develop resources. For instance, you can develop an infographic that combines the research from a number of websites in your niche then offer the infographic for free to the websites to illustrate their study.


Blog Comments

Blog Comments

Look for high quality websites and leave an insightful comment on the blog


Write high quality content

Write high quality and insightful content. if your website contais high qaulity research content, peopel are likely to link to your website.

If you cannot write the conent yourself, you can hire a website content writer from a cotent writing service to write the content for you


Write Personal Essays

Take a controversial topic and write a personal essay about the topic. People like reading about issues from a personal point of view. For example, you can write about your experience building your website, or about your failures

If you do not know how to write an essay, you can hire a writer from an essay writing service to write it for you


Link Building with Videos

Convert your content into video content and upload it to video sharing websites. You can add a link to your website on the video


Broken Links

Look for resources with broken links, reach out to them to inform them about the broken links, and ask them to add a link to your own website / articles.


Link Baiting With An Infographic

Create high quality infographics and offer it to other webmasters. You can include a link in the embed html code so that you get a link every time a person uses your infographic


Get Some Links From Quora

Get Some Links From Quora

Take part in discussions on quora. You can take part in discussions and add a link to one of your articles. Not only will you get a link, you will also get highly targeted traffic to your website.


Offer Scholarship

Offering scholarships is an good way of earning high quality edu and gov links. You can also submit your scholarship offer to scholarship websites for additional links


Start A Content

Start a contest and create buzz about it on social media will give you a lot of publicity, links, and traffic. You can start an essay writing contest , any a gaming contest, or any other type of content that fits your niche.


Image Links

Upload your images to image sharing websites to get high quality links to your website. You can also share the images on free image sites and offer them free to people in exchange for a link to your website.


Reddit Link Building

Become a regular contributor on Reddit. Whenever your contribute on something that you can link to your website, add a link to a relevant blog post. Remember to leave relevant comments and links to avoid being kicked out of the forum.


Widget Directories

Create a widget an upload it to widget sharing sites. You will get a link back to your website from every directory you upload it to. You can also include a link on the widget so that you get a link every time a person uploads the widget on their website


eBook Directories

Convert one of your best blog posts into an ebook and upload it to ebook directories and add a link back to your website in the ebook description section. You can also add a link on the ebook so that you get a link back to your website every time someone reuploads it on their website.


Crowdsourcing On Ideas Or Software

Take part in a crowdsources idea or software. If the idea or software becomes popular, the contributors will get a lot of quality backlinks to their website.


Donate to Charities

Charities maintain a page for contributors. In most cases, you do not have to make a huge contribution to get in the contributor page. Look for non-profit organizations in your fields and look for ways in which you can help them.


Ask customers to link to you

Ask your customers to provide a review of your website and add a link to the review


Turning Your Mentions Into Backlinks

Monitor your brand mentions online and reach out to people who mention your brand without providing a link and request them to include a link to your website


Build Tools That Solve an Industrial Problem

Do research on problems in your industry and build a tool that solves this link. A good tool will earn you thousands of links and a possible income stream through subscriptions


Offer Free Products For A Review and Backlink

If you sell a product, offer it for free to bloggers and ask them to write a review about the product.


Email Outreach

Email Outreach

Reach out to websites that link out to your competitors’ sites and inform them about your service and then request them to add a link to your website