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What to Consider Before International Travel – A Few Tips for Convenience

Listed below are a few tips for those of you planning an international travel trip, or even travellers who need a refresher. Make sure you are well prepared and ready for exploring foreign regions.


Take Care of Your Health

Check with your insurance provider if you are covered for international travel, if not make sure you are, by getting a policy. Visit your doctor and check that you have received all the necessary vaccinations in lieu of the destination you are visiting; while there, make sure prescriptions are topped up, and you have all necessary medication.


Make Sure Your Visit is Safe and Secure

Exploring a foreign land means you will be conforming to new and unknown rules; as such, taking care of a few preliminaries will save you loads of time and hassle should the need arise. In case your passport gets stolen or lost, you should be able to return to your home country by proving your citizenship, as such, make sure that you have copies of your passport, to submit to your countries embassy or any officer in authority. You should also, leave a copy of your passport at home, with someone who can get it to you in an emergency. Last but not least, register yourself with your embassy, this will save a lot of trouble in the long run. Travelling via a tour operator is another safeguard, as you will be with a group (depending on the package) and under the responsibility of the agency; choose from those such as in Sri Lanka.


Making Amends for Money

Before you travel make sure to check out the currency conversion rate and you will not be in for any nasty surprises. Also, ensure your credit card can be used in the country you are visiting. Most of the European banks are now operating on the new, chip technology, and you need to make sure your credit card is accepted in the country. Some of the best hotel deals are based on credit cards and it would be a pity if your card was using an out-dated system. Also make sure to withdraw your currency at ATMs outside of the airport, as the airport ATMs tend to charge a much higher conversion rate than those outside.


Have Local Cash Available and Inform Your Bank

Make sure to have a few denominations of the local currency on hand, little payments like tips, or taxi fares etc. may not work with a credit card, if you do not have immediate access to an ATM. Likewise make sure that you inform your bank of your travel plans, as they may consider it rather suspicious, and put a hold on your account, should the credit card be used in a foreign land.


Do Some Local Research

Check out the attractions; make sure to have a list of attractions close to your hotel, and check to see which sites require a pre-booking. Researching the country and area you are visiting will update you on any festivals or parades taking place. Thus you will be able to be a part of that community and enjoy the sights and allures like a true local.

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