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Ransomware is a growing plague running in the forefront of internet-borne extortion. Last few years saw a remarkable uptick in this particularly nasty genre of system attack. The scale & automated nature of Ransomware attack makes it popular in the cyber crime world. Profitable through economies of scale, a successful Ransomware attack allows criminals to demand payment from victims in exchange for restoring access.


How to protect yourself from Djvu Ransomware infections?

Djvu Ransomware is a data locker virus that encrypts valuable data & appends infected files with .djvu extension. It then demands ransom payment for decryption solution.

Complete Guide to Remove BlackRouter Ransomware

BlackRouter Ransomware attacks continue to dominate the cyber security landscape, with businesses paying millions of dollars to unlock encrypted files. With the recent influx of ransomware stories seemingly every week, it's hard to keep track of the different strains. Recently a new Ransomware called BlackRouter came to the limelight that affected thousands of people.

Guide to Remove Scarab Ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

Scarab Ransomware is a recently discovered HiddenTear Ransomware variant that employs strong AES encryption to lock user files. This cryptocurrency virus came into existence in June 2017 and since then has evolved to include more sophisticated features to evade detection.

Adobe Ransomware Removal Tips- Get Rid of Adobe Ransomware

A new variant of Dharma Ransomware called .adobe ransomware has been observed in the wild. The variant appends the extension .adobe to the files it encrypts & spreads via spam email

Clop Ransomware Removal Instructions | Ransomware Removal Guide

Clop Ransomware is a malicious program that encrypts all important user files with a strong encryption algorithm. The malice appends the encrypted filenames with .clop extension making it inaccessible.

Cryptolocker Ransomware Removal Instructions | Ransomware Removal Guide

Cryptolocker is a malware that made its first appearance on 5th September 2013 & continued its attack to late May 2014. This malign Cryptolocker Ransomware gained notoriety over the past few years for stealthily infecting a system & encrypting the files.

Complete Guide to remove pewcrypt ransomware – Virus Removal Guide

PewCrypt is the new menacing ransomware that is invading thousands of PCs across the world & unlike other ransomware, it is asking victims to subscribe PewDiePie, a YouTube Felix in order to restore the encrypted data. The ransomware is expected to be created by a fan of PewDiePie & the long-drawn war between PewDiePie & T-series for owning a colossal number of subscribers on YouTube is the reason behind its creation.

Complete Guide to remove GandCrab Ransomware –Virus Removal Guide

GandCrab Ransomware is the new king of malware world as it easily adapts to the modern cyber-security environment. The developers are making continuous improvements & launching newer versions of ransomware.

Dharma ransomware Variant Hit Garage of Canadian Domain Registration Authority

A variant of famous Dharma Ransomware is reported to have recently attacked the garage of Canadian Internet Registration Authority & allowed people to park their vehicles for free. Thankfully, the organization’s data has not been impacted.

Eliminating Infectious GEFEST Ransomware Virus From Your System

GEFEST Ransomware is pernicious ransomware that is deemed to filter user researches & drain their browsing experience. The nasty ransomware, on the contrary, is configured to obtain valuable users information & it also encrypts data avowedly and compels money as a bribe to get it fixed.

Ransomware Archives - Virus Removal Guidelines

The researchers at Virus Removal Guidelines are dedicated to track down the latest vulnerabilities which may infringe your system security. Our team of expert performs a detailed research about every malware infection before educating our users about the same.

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How To Remove Local Ransomware And Safeguard Your System?

Local Ransomware is the latest in the list of malicious software used to encrypt the user's data to gain the monetary advantage in the form of Bitcoins to decrypt the files.

Wiki Ransomware | Guide to remove it from system

Wiki Ransomware belongs to infamous Dharma Ransomware family. Refer to our post to learn to prevent its attack & protect system & user files.

Guide to prevent Baltimore Ransomware Attack on your system

The nasty Baltimore Ransomware is a recent threat that targets Windows OS, renders files inaccessible & demands hefty ransom in bitcoins. Learn how to protect your system against baltimore ransomware attack.

Synology NAS Ransomware | Guide to remove it from system

Synology NAS Ransomware attack is a brute force attack against Synology NAS devices. Follow our post to learn how to remove Synology Ransomware.

How to Remove MegaCortex Ransomware | Virus Removal Guidelines

MegaCortex Ransomware is an enterprise-focused system infection that is deployed against large corporate networks & workstations. Refer to our post to learn how to remove MegaCortex Ransomware from system.

Scarab Ransomware is a perilous crypto virus that leverages AES encryption algorithm to render system files inaccessible. Let us learn how to get rid of Scarab ransomware.