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College Challenges 2012 10 18

For all that is wonderful and exciting about going to college, there are some common pitfalls as well: balancing desires and and the demands of being a student; less day-to-day support than at home; too much social life, or too little; managing school work for success (planning, organizing, following through, completing, checking distractions).

10 Common Problems Students Face During College by GarfieldGates

Although college can be a very exciting time for many, it is also a very stressful time as students learn to balance learning and real life responsibilities. This article identifies 10 common problems facing college students and offers tips and advice for handling these problems and lessening their impact so that college can be the fun and intense educating experience that it is meant to be.

College Freshman Fears - 15 Tips on Conquering Your College Freshman Fears

Being a little nervous and anxious before starting college is all completely normal. Having fears just means that you are invested in doing well and are eager to succeed, which, while scary feeling, actually means you're already doing everything right.

Hartwick-Common First Year Challenges

Common First Year Challenges

Challeges for the Adult Learner Returning to College

University of Wisconsin-Barron County

5 Common Problems that College Roommates Encounter | Oh My Apartment

Your college roommates will probably be the first people you will share a home with besides your family. Living at home with parents is very different.

10 Common Problems Students Face During College

College is not high school so please do not think its a walk in the park. Depending on what type of school you are going to, depends on what kind of problems you are going to face. Certain problems, you going to face regardless of what type of school you are going too.

The most popular note taking system for college students.

The Pomodoro Technique®

"Eliminate the Anxiety of Time"

College Transition, College Culture Shock

College Transition - The transition from high school to college can be quite a shock. After all, between homesickness, roommates, and new classes, there's a lot to take in. Will you know how to deal?