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The Failure Story is one of the best platform to read out the life styles, stories of success people in the world. At some stages of life every succeed people had failure experience. But those who don't give up, just can arise their life to the torch of success.

Reading motivational stories can you pull you out of a depression. At The failure story, we share the best failure stories of successful people to make you smile and inspire you. Rather than drowning your sorrows in junk, check out these inspirational stories to learn great life lessons and encourage yourself. Signup with your email to get a regular dose of kindness in your email.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Life Success Story – Sundar Pichai Wife, House, Age

If you’re finding the life story of Google’s brightest start Sundar Pichai, then you have come to the right place. Success stories inspire us to do something better in our life. And Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is a great example for all of us. He belongs to a middle class family and has said failure is a part of the process so we shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks. Read more about his wife, house and success in this article.

Tesla Owner Elon Musk Spacex | Elon Musk Autobiography | Elon Musk Wife, Book, Age

When we talk about Elon Musk, we start thinking about what’s coming next, right? He is well known business entrepreneur and thinker behind PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX. Elon Musk witnessed ups and down in his life as he has married twice and got divorced. For Elon Musk, age has been no barrier and even at 46 we can say there’s no limit for him and this man is created to just go on and on. Despite the journey of full failures, he didn’t stop and crafted a unique name in market. Read more about his life, wife and company Tesla and SpaceX.

Jack ma Alibaba Success Story | Jack ma Education, Interview, Family & Jack ma Life Story

Are you going through the hardest time of your life? Don’t be nervous. Remember Alibaba founder Jack Ma story. He grew up in a poor household, failed his college entrance exam twice and was rejected from dozens of jobs before getting success. As an entrepreneur, he went on to fail on two of his initial ventures. But he didn’t stop. You can learn from one his thoughts that teaches us that you shouldn’t forget the dream you saw on the first day, no matter how difficult the situation is. Read more in this article!

Reason for Small Business Failure – Learning from Business Failure

Starting your own business is always difficult, and the chances of success are very less in this age of competition. According to stats, 50% of small businesses fail in the first year while 95% fail in the five 5 years. These stats are really surprising. But do you know why most of the small businesses fail? The Reasons for business failure vary from industry to industry. That doesn’t mean you should stop moving forward. Learning from business failure is the best way to avoid the common mistakes and create rocky path ahead. Check out this article to learn from failures

Steve Jobs Biography | Steve jobs death | Steve jobs family & Personal Life Story

When we talk about Steve Jobs we start thinking outside the box. He was an American inventor, designer and entrepreneur who was the co-founder and CEO of Apple computer. Some of the top revolutionary products we have known that include iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Job’s life has been a source of inspiration for many T.V shows, books and movies. In this article we have included everything about steve jobs early life, personal life, family and death.

Failure Leads to Success | Importance of Failure in Life

From the beginning, our parents, teacher and schooling system have taught us that failure is a scary word and it should be avoided at any cost. However, it’s not correct answer. Bill Gates became the world’s richest man – his first attempt at starting a company was a huge flop. Every successful people have this kind of failure stories to tell. By this mean, failure leads to success. We accept that we learn more from failures than success so failure is an important part of our life. Find out more in this article!

Successful People Who Failed | Learning from Famous Failure Examples

Failure occurs every day, in our school, family and professional life. It’s inevitable, irritating, and causes depression. But the fact is failure makes you even stronger, wiser and knowledgeable. Here are 15 famous failures to success stories around the world that will inspire you to do something great in life. These people who didn’t give up in the face of their troubles and whose name have included in the list of top successful people. Check out this article to learn from this famous failure.

Why Nokia Failed | Nokia Company Closed Down | Corporate Failure Story

When we talk about corporate failures, how Nokia could stay away. In 1998, Nokia was the world’s top handset maker so suddenly what happened to Nokia and where they went wrong. The reason behind business failure is no secret: Apple and Android crushed it. Another failure came with the Nokia Microsoft deal. While they understood the importance of changing its operating system, it was too late. Because Android and iOS had already created their footprint in the market. Let’s take a dig right into this article to learn more

Steve Jobs Inspirational Quotes on Innovation, Leadership, Work, Failure & Success

Steve Jobs was a very popular American businessman. He was the CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. He didn’t achieve the success overnight; it took him almost his entire life to build Apple as a leading multinational technology company. He is remembered for his commitment and great vision about delivering innovative products. Here we have listed Steve Jobs quotes on innovation, leadership, work and success that will inspire you in your day-to-day workout

Who founded Google? Know the Google Story and History

It is just about a month since Google celebrated its 20th birthday. The most popular search engine which is now synonymous with the World Wide Web has an amazing history which is a combination of hard work, entrepreneurialism, and a good amount of luck too.

This Article is Originally Posted on The Failure StoryFailure Stories. Read this complete article to know Who founded Google? Know the Google Story and History.

Importance & Benefits of Reading Books

Like all the other habits reading impacts the quality of our lives. Books play a vital role in gaining the necessary knowledge and they come second to the benefits gained by travelling. Benefits of reading books are immense and it’s a healthy habit. Read more about the importance of reading books in this blog

What is Women Empowerment? Know its Importance

This is an important essay on women empowerment portraying its relevance in our society. A majority of people still don’t approve of women empowerment due to lack of awareness. An article that emphasizes the necessity of women empowerment to foster the required change we all want to see. Read in this article as to why it is need of the hour to empower our women.

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