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Top 05 Things to Eat and Drink in Singapore – Experiment and Enjoy the Flavours

Foodies will find Singapore a rather irresistible paradise of gourmet delights. Home to diverse cultures and ethnic groups, the place offers food and drinks in a range of exotic flavours and textures.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

A comfort food and Singapore's national dish, by popular demand, this meal consists of chicken poached in stock and rice which has been boiled in the remaining water. The dish is eaten with garlic and chilli sauce, as well as, kecap manis or dark soy sauce. Although the chicken may look gelatinous and exude a shine, you can be sure the flavours are well balanced, especially when you eat it at the stipulated temperatures, which means the soup and rice must be hot, while the chicken is at room temperature. Tian Tian is one of the restaurants which come highly recommended for sampling this dish, while guests enjoying accommodation within the Park Hotel Group, will find plenty of local restaurants are within easy reach as well, for tasting traditional dishes.


Chilli Crab

Eating crab is quite the experience, and no, it is not a meal to be eaten 'elegantly'; instead, prepare to get messy and thoroughly enjoy every last bite. Chilli crab is prepared in thick tomato sauce gravy together with egg; it is the kind of dish that is not too spicy at first until you are well into the meal. One of those exotic, utterly delicious meals that you must plan on savouring when staying at hotels in Asia Pacific, the best chilli crab is tipped to be served at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village which is very close to the Changi Airport.


Kaya Toast Set

You must enjoy a traditional Singaporean breakfast when there, for this, head over to the nearest coffee shop or kopitiam and order a breakfast set, which is around $ 5. You will be served two soft-boiled eggs in a bowl, to this you must add some finely grounded white pepper and a dab of soy sauce; then gently mash the egg. Next, you pick up your kaya toast, which is a thin toast sandwich, made with a covering of coconut jam, and a 5mm thick slice of butter. The sandwich is dipped in the egg and eaten. Pair this with a cup of kopi C, which is a strong black coffee to which sweet condensed milk is added and you're good to go.


Prata and Murtabak

Prata is an oily roti, which is best eaten with a spicy curry, well mopped up with the spongy roti. Pratas are flaky round roti made with flour and oil; the Murtabak is generally stuffed with cheese, meat or egg and makes a tasty savoury snack. You can buy the best of these in the Little India region of Singapore city.


Hawker Centre Drinks

Head over to the Hawker Centre, and you will be stuck for choice on which icy drink to buy. Perfect for beating the heat, these tropical elixirs are varied and packed with flavour. An iced bandung, served in a plastic cup is a pink cordial syrup made with evaporated milk. If that seems too rich, try a glass of pressed sugar cane juice with a slice of lemon, or even a plain old lime juice which is deliciously made with refreshing calamansi lime cordial. There are iced Milos, iced coffees and yummy iced tea tarik which is a 'stretched'- meaning the pouring method, milky tea with lots of foam.

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