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Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Must Own

Fashion is all about changing; trends that are in today may be out tomorrow. Some pieces are timely while some will forever be in vogue. A classy man is aware that all he needs basically are the essentials and he is good to go.
Here are some essentials to add in every men's wardrobe.


Jeans that can go with everything

Jeans that can go with everything

A crisp pair of navy blue jeans is something you can rely on. Whether you are heading to work, going on a date, or hanging out with friends, a pair of jeans can solve your dressing woes. Time is a witness of how denim jeans have been in trend since the day they were born. Even if you look at all the Hollywood A-list celebrities wearing jeans, you would immediately see a whole lot of them rocking in it.
Dress shirt, graphic tee, or a polo shirt, there’s hardly a shirt option that doesn’t go with them. Bomber jackets, blazers, or turtle-neck sweaters, all of these can accompany a pair of jeans. Jeans come in a number of styles, you can go for straight-leg or slim-fit jeans. These two are the most practical and sober choices of all.


Dress shirts for the smart look

Here’s another essential that must have a place reserved in your closet. Dress shirts look decent and by just adjusting the sleeves, you can change their style. The logical color choices here are light blue and white. However, for men, there’s no such thing as “too many dress shirts”. So, you can always broaden this category and get a few more color choices as well.
While they might give a serious-guy vibe, they also make for a very attractive look. You can pair your dress shirts with chinos or with jeans. Either way, you’ll look effortlessly elegant. Back from office and off to somewhere? Just fold those sleeves and without any change, you’re sure to impress.


Plain round-neck tees

Plain round-neck tees

You know what defines a stylish man? The clothes he is wearing when he thinks no one is looking. The man who dresses to look good even when he knows no one would judge. That’s why you shouldn’t just dress to impress others. You should dress to look and feel good. A plain tee in neutral colors would help you ace in this department of styling.
When you have to run out of your home and don’t have time to change, that’s when you’ll realize the value of not just using a basic tee as an undershirt. It’s comfy and its cool. It’s the summer best friend essential that can go with a pair of slim-fit jeans or Bermuda shorts. Get your tees from Forever21 which is offering 60% off coupons and ensure sweat doesn’t ruin them anytime soon.


Crewneck jumpers in adaptable colors

A navy-blue crewneck jumper is the second most versatile clothing item that your wardrobe needs. It’s that winter-warmer that can have your back on days when you don’t know what can make you stand out. It looks suave whether it's worn beneath a leather jacket or a coat. In fact, you don’t have to use it as a layering option for it to look spot-on.
It’s snazzy and comfortable. You cannot go wrong with it. Apart from navy, white and grey are also great color choices. Paired with jeans, the jumper looks better than any other garment. It’s not that demanding either; you don’t have to do much to ace at rocking one. Simplicity is the key.


An expensive watch that is reliable

A truly fashionable man knows that his look is incomplete without a classic watch. One that doesn’t just tell the time but also speaks volumes about his style. One that can go with most of your cufflinks and other hardware of your overall look such as the buckle of your belt. Consider your bag and shoes as well when deciding which color, you should go for.
There are a lot of factors that you have to look into when buying a watch for daily wear. You can research online beforehand. Invest in a premium watch because you really don’t want it to stop working when someone asks you what time it is.


Oxford lace-up shoes for the win

Oxford lace-up shoes for the win

Your outfit cannot be complete without the right footwear. And your shoe rack is incomplete without a pair of oxford lace-up shoes. Preferable color choices here are black and brown. These two will go with most of your suits and dress shirts. If you don’t have a pair of these, you’re not a man yet. You’re a boy. After all, it’s your shoes that define your personality.
They are what people first look at and what they judge the most about your look. So, make sure to keep your oxfords clean at all times. Even a single mark can ruin their appearance. A polished pair of oxfords can add the missing charm to your attire.


Sneakers to step out in style

Whether you go for slip-in sneakers or chunky ones, that depends entirely on your preference. A pair of trainers is what you need when you cannot wear oxfords or dress shoes. Sneakers go with your casual and athleisure look. They can even work at your office provided you work at a place that doesn’t have a strict dress code. These days, the lines between formal and informal are blurring.
But even sans this alteration in the fashion rules, a pair of snugly fitting, snazzy sneakers is something that you should have. You don’t necessarily have to go for the trendiest pieces; a pair that is subtly sporty would do.


Men's Wardrobe

Men's Wardrobe

In one day, out the other; that’s how trends work. Ripped jeans, floral shirts, these pieces are timely. You can wear distressed jeans one year only to caste them away the next. Reason? They haven't considered cool anymore. And even if fashion demands to have certain items, you should have a shelf dedicated to must-have essentials. Most men find themselves utterly confused as to which pieces should have a permanent spot in their closet.
Even the dandiest ones often find themselves staring into their wardrobe without any idea of what they should wear. However, if you know which men’s basics you should have hanging in your cupboard, you never have to stare aimlessly. You know your style game and you know pairing one timeless piece with another can do the thing.
A classy man is aware that all he needs basically are the essentials. Because less is more and minimal is the winner. If you are upgrading your wardrobe you should invest in pieces that will not disappoint and that will forever be in vogue. So, without further ado, here are the necessary wardrobe pieces that men should invest in.




Summing up, every man has his own unique way of styling. However, there are some wardrobe essentials that you should have. In fact, you probably already own them. Because when it comes to fashion, for men, they should invest in basic pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn with one another. Do you have any other essentials in mind that men must have?