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Top 5 Attractions in China – Breathtaking Wonders for the Sightseer

The expansive nation of China boasts a number of significant sightseeing attractions. These engrossing sites such as those below are sure to capture the imagination of the discerning visitor.


The Great Wall of China

There is no doubt that the iconic Great Wall is one of China's most recognizable symbols. Considered to be the most extensive wall on the globe, this structure is a breathtaking achievement of ancient architecture that amazes visitors even today. The Great Wall extends over a lengthy area that features lofty mountains and rugged countryside which offer picturesque scenery for the observer. The Great Wall stretches from the western border of China to the eastern coast, covering an extent of about 5,000 km. However, the best known and most well-preserved parts of the Great Wall are to be found near the city of Beijing.


The Terracotta Army

Culture lovers are sure to be enthralled by the Terracotta Army which can be seen in Xi'an. The well-known Terracotta Army lay hidden beneath the ground for over 2,000 years before it was accidentally discovered in 1974. The Terracotta Army includes hundreds of life-sized soldiers featuring intricate detailing. These military figures are in fact based on the army that emerged triumphant in China's Warring States Period. Therefore this army was instrumental in the creation of a unified China. You are sure to be enthralled by this remarkable representation of the Chinese nation's past military system which may be regarded as one of the world's important archaeological discoveries.


The Forbidden City

This renowned part of the city of Beijing, was in times past, as its name indicates, forbidden to be entered by commoners. The Forbidden City today presents a remarkable sight with its lavish traditional Chinese architectural design, featuring splendid palaces containing more than 8,000 individual rooms. You will see that these structures are painted in hues of yellow and red, surmounted with eye-catching gleaming roofs. The Forbidden City served as the imperial residences for the royalty of the Qing and Ming Dynasties, for a period of no less than 560 years. Today it is also regarded as being a noteworthy repository of important Chinese historical and cultural relics.


Kunming Stone Forest

Dating back to the Ming Dynasty in China, this amazing attraction spreads across an area of around 400 sq. km. This very unique 'forest' is actually made up of towering limestone formations that are quite awe-inspiring. The area has several key attractions including small and large stone forests as well as scenic lakes and ancient caves. Travellers looking to visit this famed site can consider staying at Kunming hotels in the region with options the likes of Grand Park Kunming making for an ideal base from which to plan a day trip to this one of a kind stone forest.


The Yellow Mountains

These striking mountains to be found in Huangshan in eastern China always capture the imagination of visitors with their five marvels; breathtaking sunrises, oddly formed rocks, expanses of clouds, hot springs and twisted pines. The local Scenic Area also contains one of China's finest national parks, which is considered to be comparatively easy to access making it a popular destination. The Yellow Mountains are counted as being amongst China's most renowned peaks and regarded as one of the nation's finest natural features. The nature lover is sure to be enthralled by these magical peaks which present a breathtaking sight for the visitor.

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