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Snorkelling from a Boat - To have an Epic Adventure on the Seas

Snorkelling is a delightful way to gaze at the spectacular beauty of marine life. If you do get the opportunity to snorkel from a boat, you will be able to enjoy the more satisfying experience of visiting exclusive spots that are too difficult or too far to reach by swimming. The article below explains a few key points that you should remember, if you are planning to embark on a snorkelling expedition from a boat.


Be there early

Once you have signed up for a snorkelling tour it is quite important to pay attention to the details included in the schedule to ensure everyone who journeys with you will have a pleasant experience. Make sure you base yourself in a beach resort in Abu Dhabi the likes of Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara and arrive dock well ahead of the time given as your delay would cause the entire team to lag behind the schedule.


Be courteous

Most often than not boat rides to snorkelling destinations will have to be taken with large groups. These group tours will give you the opportunity to make new friends from various parts of the world too. Even if you are not particularly interested in making new friends, it's quite important to remain civil and nice during the trip.

Always be mindful of the other passengers on board and aim to be a responsible snorkeler. When the time comes for boarding, make sure you give way to the others and patiently wait for your turn to board. Once you have boarded, move away from the boarding area to give room for other passengers to get in comfortably. You should also try to look for a seat that is located away from the boarding area to avoid creating congestion.

It's quite normal for a crew member to call out names and take a head count before departure and it's your responsibility to make this exercise easy for them. Refrain from talking during this brief roll call and be sure to listen intently and answer when your name is called.


What to wear

It's best to be clad in a rash guard when you are snorkelling from a boat. This will cover your body and protect you from the sun in an effective way. It's not always a good idea to lather on sunscreen on a boat as it's a slippery substance that may cause your fellow passengers to slip and get injured. You can ask for permission from the crew if you desire to apply sunscreen prior to snorkelling.

Wearing sunglasses and hats will also keep you well shaded from the harsh rays of the sun.


Carrying your belongings

Your personal belongings that will include snorkelling gear should be carried in a gear bag. You should consider marking your belongings with a permanent market to avoid them getting mixed up on the boat. Refrain from bringing valuables on the journey. Make sure you keep your equipment bag stored away under your seat and avoid keeping it in the middle of aisles and walkways. If there is no space under your seat let a crew member stow it away in a safe place for you.


Entering the water

Once the boat has reached its destination, a briefing will be given by a crew member that will detail points of interest and any other relevant information. When you are ready to snorkel, carry the fins to the entry area and use the Giant Stride, Back Roll In or Controlled Seated method to enter the water.


Returning to the dock

Once your surreal adventure comes to an end, you should get back to the boat and be seated until a second roll call is made. The vessel will then head back to the dock from where you started the journey. Once you reach the destination, safely disembark with your belongings.