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Industrial Packaging Suppliers

All about Australian Industrial Supplies and Packaging Materials service provider - Hunter Industrial Supplies.

Packaging is a very worthwhile investment. Do it appropriately – Business Directory

Nothing is worse than receiving a product that has already been damaged during the shipping process. Proper packaging is one of the most basic yet critical aspects for any eCommerce business.

Which one is better: Polyurethane Foam or Memory Foam?

Choosing a foam can be as confusing as buying a mattress. Simply try differentiating between all types of foams available in the market, I am sure it will make your head spin.

People Who Pop Bubble Wrap Are Less Likely To Be Stressed, Why?

Popping bubble wrap is fun! Whether you are a 10-year-old kid or a 25-year-old adult, resisting the temptation to squeeze that little bubble of air between your fingertips and hear that satisfying pop is something next to impossible.

A product used to secure a bunch of items, be it for shipping or storing is mainly known as strapping. Apart from keeping the products bundled for a long run, strapping also saves adequate amount of spaces.

The Packaging Market is projected to Gain Significant Value by 2020 – Blog for Packaging Material and Supplies

Many of you have this misconception that packaging is a product. No! It is a pure means of delivering a product to the customer, of course in good condition. Over these years, packaging has only been used by the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer to protect the goods while they are being transported, stacked, stored and displayed.

Quality Packaging Supplies and Materials in Australia - Hunter IndustrialHunter Industries

Hunter Industrial Supplies is based in Australia, and is a great packaging suppliers with a large variety of high-quality materials like Strapping and Accessories, Plastic Packaging Materials, Adhesive Tapes and Dispensers, Washroom Products, Protective Packaging and much more today!

Make A Hassle Free Move With These Packaging Hacks & Tips

The moment you pegged the SOLD Sign into the ground, you will realize that this is it! The inevitable day has come where a new home begins to sink in. Now I am pretty sure that a plethora of secondary thoughts must be running through your head but first, you need to take the procedure of packing and moving into account.

A Few Questions Answered About Industrial Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Do you think that liquid hand soaps that are highly being used in household and commercial areas are appropriate to clean hands thoroughly at industrial locations for example factories, labs, workshops, and garages? Probably Not! Professionals working at such places require heavy duty hand cleaners that are able to remove sticky substances or grime in a quicky way but without harming the skin.

Are You Up For Your Next Trip? Time to Go Through These Travel Packing Hacks

Like it or not, you ain’t going anywhere without packing your bags first. I used to love to pack my bags initially but after traveling the world for a couple of years, I soon realized that living out of suitcase soon becomes less a novelty and more of a burden- until and unless you don’t pick some travel packing hacks along the way.

Plastic Shrink-Wrapping Techniques to Consider

Having previously worked in the packing industry and fruitlessly being smashed by social responsibility hammer against the brick wall of corporate profit, I am finally able to come up with this post. Over the past few years, plastic waste has been a hot topic news across the globe.

Using paper towels is like throwing money in the trash: True/ False?

Paper towels are pretty expensive and throwing them away after a single use is not a fair play, right? Well, I have come across several posts that emphasize on ditching paper towels but this post explores all the helpful uses for paper towels. Take a look!

Tensioning Tool Is What All You Need!

Bundling large, oddly shaped loads (the ones made of steel) is easier said than done project. And how can you be so sure that it won’t cause any kind of injuries?

If This Is The Situation Then Your Washroom Really Needs A Makeover

Have you ever given a thought how long it has been since you updated your restroom? Often being neglected during home or work renovations, Bathrooms speaks a lot about the organization that owns it. Apart from this, a dirty or badly-maintained washroom is much more than a nuisance and a potential health hazard.

This Is How Fragile Items Can Be Shipped Without Being Damaged

Looking in dismay at those huge piles of household goods and personal items while relocating is pretty common these days. And all you need is a small group of friends and family to get the task done safely and efficiently enough. After all, the more help you enlist, the faster and the more fun your packing endeavor will be.

Shrink Wrapping is Gaining Popularity, Why?

Packing everything without breaking the bank is something that most of us take for granted. But your stuff is then and there staring you in the face, silently mocking you. Now packing up all your belongings might seem like a daunting task, but fortunately, you will come across numerous ways or products that make packing way easier and hassle-free.

Relocation is such a laborious, difficult and time-consuming process that nobody plans for in prior. As a result, most of us end up wishing for some miraculous way to make your work simpler and faster. And asking their loved ones to suggest certain moving hacks that can help you finish the job in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Check Out These Endless Possibilities Offered By A Cardboard

What could be done with a cardboard box once you are done using it? Nothing, just throw it out or recycle it, is that what you do? If yes, then you are really missing out its hidden potential.

Watch Out For the Latest Packaging Styles for Your Business Needs

Shipping companies are well aware regarding the fact that not all businesses can ship their products in standard cardboard boxes. Hence they need to offer a broader assortment of options.

Oops! Found A Kitchen Spill Or Slip-Ups? Be Quick, Grab A Paper Towel!

Kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicenter of the home, do you agree? I mean most of the time we tend to congregate there. It evokes such a mysterious magnetic attraction. Gone are the days when kitchens were designed for the purpose of preparing and cooking meals.

Everything There Is To Know About Polyethylene Foam Wrap

Can you name a product that is produced sixty million tons every year? I am talking about polyethylene foam. Being pretty common in nature, the material is often used for packing and among many other things.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Hassle- It’s Time to Pack like a Pro!

The moment you learn about a residential move waiting for you in the upcoming weeks, you need to start considering different hacks & tricks to make a stress free move.

Do You Think That The Emerging Packaging Industry Will Result In The Rise Of E-Commerce?

The packaging industry is all set for high volume growth thanks to stable economic growth seen in retailing and e-commerce. After the grand shift from bricks and mortar retail to e-commerce, a profound effect has been found on the entire industry.

On Your Bikes, Get Set, Go!!!

Do you think cardboard is just limited to storing items? If so, then you are probably wrong! Cardboard boxes are not limited to storing items, shipping items in mailing boxes but can be gift packaging, bin cardboard boxes can be used for displaying items at your local grocery or hardware store, etc.

How To Choose a Packing Material That Best Suits Your Needs

What are the two major concerns when shipping an item? It’s the overall expense and condition. And since most of the shipping rates are based on weight, we definitely would like to make sure that the material used to pack your product are the most affordable ones.

Get Into The Skin Of Puncture Impact Testing

Presently, products are making the materialistic world go round. The only thing that can help in sustaining a fantastic product for a long run is the way it is being packed while your move. Therefore, choosing proper packing products becomes very important in order to conduct a stress-free relocation anywhere across the country.