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Top 5 Green Parks in Singapore – A Little Greenery Goes a Long Way

When you live in the concrete jungles of our time, finding spots filled with greenery can often be as challenging as discovering an oasis in the desert. Singapore, however, makes it look easy!


The Hillsides of Bukit Timah

Singapore is one of the world's smallest countries; all the more kudos to them, then, for managing to maintain upwards of fifty gardens and green parks throughout the land; a feat that has earned the country the apt moniker of 'the Garden State'. Among these many parks and gardens is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Situated on the hillside, this ASEAN Heritage Park is a rainforest that boasts upwards of 800 flowering plants and 500 wildlife species. It is a must visit for nature enthusiasts.


Green by the Ocean

For an alternative to the usual landlocked nature reserves, visit Labrador Park in Singapore's south. Located by the sea, this reserve boasts a massive collection of plant life native to the coasts. Ornithologists (a.k.a. bird watchers) and marine wildlife enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Labrador Park is also home to several bird varieties in addition to marine life species such as the Common Hairy Crab. To get a closer look at the crabs, venture out near the rocky shoreline. You can also spot coral here, among other things.


At the Heart of the CBD

Concert-goers will be familiar with Fort Canning Park which is situated in the Central Business District (CBD) area of the country. Owing to its prime urban location, the park is of a modest size compared to other nature reserves and parks. Nevertheless, it does an admirable job of providing a lush sanctuary for rest and relaxation in the city. If you are staying at a City Hall hotel in Singapore, you will be pleased to find that the park is within easy walking distance from you. The Grand Park City Hall hotel, for example, is just 3 minutes away on foot. Fort Canning Park also has an important past; WWII aficionados may be interested to note that the park got its name due to its role in the war. One of the popular attractions here is a former British underground command centre that is hidden in Fort Canning Hill. It goes by the name of 'The Battlebox'.


MacRitchie Reservoir

The MacRitchie Reservoir Park forms a significant part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve in Singapore. This park is ideal for hikers, especially due to the scenic view afforded by the reservoir which is surrounded by rubber trees. Elsewhere in the park, one can also spot other trees and plant life native to Singapore's rainforests. One of the highlights of MacRitchie Reservoir Park is the TreeTop Walk attraction. It features a free-standing suspension bridge which links together Bukit Kalang and Bukit Peirce; the highest points in the park. Although the attraction provides breath-taking views of the canopy, those afraid of heights might want to sit this one out.


Kent Ridge Park

Kent Ridge Park

Another popular park in Singapore is Kent Ridge Park. Similar to Fort Canning Park, it is also located in a highly urban area. This makes its rich offering of plant and animal life all the more appreciable. Kent Ridge Park lies within close proximity to the Singapore Science Park and NUS (the National University of Singapore) which flank it on either side and is regularly frequented by nature and bird lovers. The park shares another similarity with Fort Canning in that it also featured prominently in WWII. It was the site of the Battle of Pasir Panjang; a fight to stave off the Japanese invaders.

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