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Your Car, Your Life: What Your Car Says About You

We all have preferences, may that be with our choice of clothes to the cars we choose. It’s fun to think that our personality and traits can subconsciously manifest themselves with the things we choose to represent us. (Read more: Your Car, Your Life: What Your Car Says About You)


autobody atascadero

autobody atascadero

4950 El Camino Real

Auto Repair Atascadero CA | Bumper Repair in Atascadero CA

We offer a wide array of auto repair services in Atascadero, CA that will surely bring your vehicles back to their original state. We are your bumper repair experts!


Risks of Neglecting Dents

No matter how much we try to be careful, it is impossible to keep our vehicle spotless and flaw-free forever. After a few years, you may experience wear and tear, basic human error, or even an auto collision. There might have been a time where you misjudged the distance between your car door and the parallel wall, the space between two vehicles while you were parking or an actual accident with another moving vehicle. (Read more: Risks of Neglecting Dents)


Riding in Style with Bumper 2 Bumper

Paso Robles, CA - Did you get into an auto accident recently that left you safe but resulted in your car getting banged up? Did you go on a road trip with your friends only for you to bump into debris that left a nasty crack on your windshield? Did someone back up recklessly into your bumper which resulted in you looking for a dent repair in your town of Paso Robles? (Read more: Riding in Style with Bumper 2 Bumper)


Lowrider: How Chicanos Have Evolved Car Culture

Do you remember the late, great Eddie Guerrero? He was one of the greatest professional wrestlers who ever lived. He achieved everything there is to achieve in the world of sports entertainment. He won every championship and have received multiple accolades before going to the great big varrio in the sky at the young age of 38. But his legacy goes way beyond the ropes. (Read more: _Lowrider: How Chicanos Have Evolved Car Cultur_e)


Bumper 2 Bumper: The Garage for The Serious Car People

Paso Robles, CA - There are two kinds of people. Those who like to commute, and those who prefer to be behind the wheel. Now while it is indeed alright not to have a car, there is no denying that in a place such as America, the better and more convenient option would be to have a vehicle of your own. (Read more: Bumper 2 Bumper: The Garage for The Serious Car People)


DIY Dent Repair: Do or Do Not?

Perhaps you’ve seen a number of videos showing people how to do their own dent repair in Paso Robles or wherever you may be. Sure, it might be a great money-saver if you do it right. But what they don’t actually tell you is that DIY dent repair doesn’t always work. Worst of all, you might even cause some unintended damage to your car. (Read more: DIY Dent Repair: Do or Do Not?)


Risks of Delaying Your Windshield Repair

Chips and cracks on your windshield can happen due to a number of reasons including edge cracks, stress cracks, or floater cracks which generally occur to vehicles that are a few years old. While you might be tempted to just let it slide and not get windshield repair in Paso Robles immediately, it is definitely not a risk you should take. (Read more: Risks of Delaying Your Windshield Repair)


Bumper 2 Bumper Gets Your Car Working Smoothly Again

Paso Robles, California – There have been millions of non-fatal car accidents in the United States. Although no lives were lost in these accidents, several cars were damaged. If this happens to you, then it is critical to find a quality autobody in Paso Robles that will make it truly roadworthy. If you have not had good experiences in the past and you are among the countless Americans who have been to a bad autobody shop, then it may seem a bit intimidating. At Bumper 2 Bumper, you do not have to worry since they perform high-quality, guaranteed services you can trust at a fair price. (Read more: Bumper 2 Bumper Gets Your Car Working Smoothly Again)