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Dating Flip: 8 Reasons Why Guys in 20's Prefer Women of 30's

While the conventional tradition shows how perfect a younger girl and an older guy will look together, the present times are flipping the charts upside down. Men in their 20's are going for women in their 30's. It might sound odd to many while others will find nothing wrong with the concept.

15 Types of Guys You Date in College Before Finding the ONE! - Viral Mummy

A college student is already under pressure due to the tight routine- prepping for exams, assignments, projects and oh! The prom date? When it comes to finding the an ideal guy, you definitely have to kiss a few frogs before you find yourself the prince charming. We’ve all dated those 15 types of guys who ultimately lead us to the right one. Right?

7 Plus Sized Models Too Hot to Handle - Viral Mummy

In this controversial era of tech based lifestyle, we all crave diversity. The days of anorexic models has long gone and this era is all about plus sized models. I mean, yes! The market is filled with plus sized women. From the amazing TED debates, magazine covers and interviews, models like Kate Dillon Levin and Sophie Dahl have changed the society’s perceptive of ‘beauty’ for the right reasons.

10 Top Hottest Celebrities With Smokey Eyes - Viral Mummy

If you believe smokey eye makeup is just the conventional ‘black’, you are wrong! Check out these hot, wild and sexy looks when it comes to smoky make over. All celebs do it in a unique fashion, pairing it with either nude lip shades or the classic reds.

Top 20 Highest Paid Actors in the World - The Rock, Jackie & Matt Are the Leading Three

The entertainment industry is full of surprises. While one actor is leading the industry by the storm one season, he might be following his junior co-actor the next year. Check out the top 20 actors of 2016 who have unleashed treasure's worth of money due to their action packed, drama filled films in 2016.

Top 10 Celebrities Dating WHO? Checkout the Hottest Couples of 2016 - Viral Mummy

The hottest celebs in Hollywood don’t fail to amuse their fans by spicing up their lives with daily gossip; glam filled parties, dating their co-workers and what not! This year’s favorite topic needs some light shedding ‘Who is Dating Who’! Want to be a part of the secrets? Take a look below.

Top 10 Small Hotels will leave you Spellbound - Viral Mummy

It is often stated ‘the more, the merrier’, but is it the same case with hotels? While big lavish hotels can offer a broad range of services such as sporting clubs, spas, restaurants, etc., the smaller ones are always cozier homes away from home! Since there are more than 500 amazingly lavish hotels around the globe, here are the list of best ten amongst them. Get your passports ready and fly away to the resort that leaves you mesmerized.

Top 10 Hollywood Actresses Loading their Banks like None Other! - Viral Mummy

This era is all about entertainment. The Hollywood actresses are filling their banks with tons of dollars this year. It is easy to say that there are outrageous advantages of being an actress now, as opposed to in the previous years. From glam, ravishing clothes, personal fitness trainers, travelling, enjoying and that too, all of it being paid along with thousands of dollars being deposited in their banks! Let’s join Hollywood y’all!

Top 6 Selfie Queens: What You Can Learn From Them? - Viral Mummy

Taking selfies is not as hard as it sounds, but are you doing it right? Posing, smiling and pouting can be straightforward, however exploring new angles and styles can be more thrilling.

Gigi Hadid Flaunts Flawless Skin During Paris Fashion Week - Viral Mummy

The 21-year old model Gigi Hadid was seen flaunting her sexy body and flawless skin on the runway during Paris fashion week, flashing boob in her orange jumpsuit.

Most Shocking Celebrity Divorces of All Times

The Oscar Winner Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt stating irreconcilable differences (we are waiting for details of course) and asking for full custody of the six kids with visitation rights given to Brad Pitt.

Dating a Muslim Girl Vs a Christian Girl

According to this article, you can’t implement your ideas or your religious practices on anyone. So it’s better if you leave her to her religion. It is highly appreciated if you show understanding when she has to be with her family at events like Christmas, Easter, etc.

5 Reasons Why Married Women Have Affairs

The reason we all get married is to find our other half, to live and love our other half. Marriage binds two souls. It’s not just about living under one roof and producing babies. It’s a bigger concept. It gives you a connection to another person.

The 5 Best Luxury Serviced Apartments in the World

The luxury serviced apartments in any country stand apart from average hotel rooms due to their services, and fantastic extra facilities.

Best Dressed Celebrities at Emmy Awards 2016

Stars and their stylists brought their best to the event and gave us reasons to talk about them even days after the event. No doubt the ‘90s theme was dominant at the event, and several celebrities wore dresses that flashed back the fashion trends.

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Hollywood’s most glamorous, most ideal couple decides to split up due to irreconcilable differences, the sources reveal. 12 years into the steaming hot relationship and two years of marriage, the soon to be ex-wife, Angelina Jolie confesses that the couple had issues.

Kim Kardashian Last Seen in Five Totally See-through Dresses! - Viral Mummy

The gorgeous 35-year-old TV celeb, world star hip hop Kim Kardashian is taking the internet by the storm with her sexy pictures full of nude dresses. She might have millions of clothing designers on her fashion list, but when it comes to choosing the outfit for an event, Kim likes to show off some real skin!

Kim Kardashian is the Hottest Fashion and Lifestyle Women of the World

Kim Kardashian is the hottest woman in the world? Considering her sexy figure and charming personality she is rightly the most praised woman of the world.

What Style Bloggers Must Learn From Celebrities Social Media Activities

Celebrities from where ever they belong have a global appeal these days. Because of the interaction with fans via Facebook and Twitter, it's very easy for them to communicate with their fans. The social media has really by all means revolutionized a lot of things.

Which Engagement Rings Costs Less Than $500?

Check out the perfect engagement rings which are below $500, ideal for your budget and spot on for your seaside sunset proposal on your knees!

Which Jewelry To Wear With Your Wedding Dress?

Marriage is a sacred reunion which combines two souls into one. we bring you the top ways to pick your jewelry according to your wedding dress so that you can walk the aisle in style and create breathtaking pictures for a lifetime!

How To Do Eye Makeup With Different Lens Colors?

As girls, we all love to apply the different lens to look cool and to have something different. Usually, girls with black eye color prefer to wear greys and blues, while girls with brown eyes would go for green lens or hazel lens.

6 Exercises To Boost Your Relationship

People presume that exercise is sole to lose weight, tone one’s body and look great in new, tighter clothes. However, exercise is a form of meditation and way of life, which can be used to enhance one’s relationship with their loved ones or partner.

Surprising Secrets of Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss

Four years ago, the social media and news channels were on fire reporting about Jennifer Hudson’s mind-blowing weight loss, where she managed to lose over 80 pounds and revealed it in a bikini selfie on her Instagram account.

Follow These 8 Secrets To Stay Fit & Beautiful Like Celebrities

Being health conscious is in trend these days, and everyone aspires to be as good looking and fit both on the inside and outside. We have compiled a list of top tips and ideas that will help you look and feel as good as your favorite celebrity, in no time.

  • Viral Mummy is a unique online magazine covering viral stories on various topics like Entertainment, Beauty, Health, Celebrities, Relationship, Technology, etc. It is an effective way of finding what is going on around the world. You can also share your stories with the world.

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