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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 5 Interesting things to Do in Trang, Thailand – For a Memorable Vacation

Located in the Southern Province of Thailand, Trang is a beautiful town that has its share of mesmerising Thailand beaches, waterfalls, cultural events and so much more.



If you have stayed at a Krabi beach resort such as the likes of Anantara Si Kao Resort, you'd know that collecting seashells on the seashore is something everyone loves to do. Regardless of age, looking for uniquely shaped, and colourful seashells is a much loved past time for many. In Trang, you have Had Pak Meng, the most popular beach where people go to look for seashells. There are restaurants and other stores close to this beach, and if you want to avoid the noon heat, you can drop into one of the restaurants for a cold drink and wait until later in the noon to go collecting shells and then stay on to watch the magical sunset.



Now, everyone who ever speaks of a beach vacation knows that the trip isn't complete without a diving or snorkelling activity. Trang is no different and you can find many centres focused on snorkelling and diving that would be glad to take you on a diving trip and let you see the beauty Trang has to offer even underwater.


Trang Islands

There are quite a few tiny islands near Trang, and they are known as the Trang Islands on the whole. Take a trip to these islands and chill on its almost empty beaches. You can also snorkel at these islands and take a look at the reefs and tropical fish swimming about.



One of the best ways to feel like one of the natives during a vacation is to rent your own bicycle and going exploring at your own speed. Many places in and around Trang have bicycles for rent, which may cost you about $4 per day. Hop on your cycle and ride around the scenic area. You can also sop by the Had National Park which is home to many beaches, caves and a few forested areas. If you want to explore the caves, take a torch or flashlight with you as they can be pitch black after a few feet even when it's broad daylight outside. The National Park has a wide array of wildlife and insects. The entry fee to the park is less than $6.


Temples of Trang

Trang is a place that has a rich and multicultural history. Throughout the years of its existence, there have been Malay, Thai and Hokkien settlements here and the traces of these people can be found in the older buildings and temples of Trang. The most popular Buddhist temple is Wat Tantayaphirom, which houses a huge gold and white stupa that is a wonder to look at. The Wat Phu Khao Thong is another Buddhist Temple in Trang and is known for being one of the most serene places you can visit in the area. You can also take a look at the reclining Buddha statue when you visit this temple. Named Manorah, this Buddha statue is many thousand years old.